Week 3 was a liiiittle difficult for me… I craved sweets, doughnuts, chocolate so baaad… It’s good that we don’t keep much of this stuff at home.. We had ice cream, but Daniel finished it couple of weeks ago, and we haven’t bought it since then (well, I bought it yesterday, because I’m going to make some dessert for Valentine’s Day and it involves ice cream, but I’m going to eat only then..promise 🙂 .. 

{Watch my video update for the week 3}:


And on Sunday Daniel’s aunt came by and she brought CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Can you imagine?!!! I couldn’t resist and I gave in… who can resist chocolate cake???!!!! I’m not that strong-willed 🙂

I’M GUILTY I KNOW… I also ate chocolate baked pita chips….guilty again… but they’re soooo goood…. We had them at home (still have one pack), and I can’t trow them away, they are too good…


But the good thing is I was working out every single day… so I was good there 🙂 I’m definitely getting stronger…when I flex my abs, they are hard haha… 😀

I’m enjoying healthy food..and I love love love oatmeal… I hated it before…never felt satisfied after eating it, but now I know couple of recipes that make oatmeal taste real good… Daniel eat cauliflower, squash, zucchini and he never ate it before.. So I’m very thankful Cassey aka Blogilates for her recipes…

 So, anyways it’s been a good week..even though I didn’t stick to the plan all the way… 😉 Looking forward to week 4…

All the info about workouts, meal plans and etc. read here

xo JANE xo


  • Emilly

    Hey! I’m going to start this 12 week program but I want to do it to lose weight. I’m apprehensive to start because I don’t know whether I’ll lose weight from it. Did you experience weight loss? Your results are amazing!

    • Hi Emily! Yes, I lost 5 pounds. I was 105.2 and now I’m in between 99 and 100 lbs. You will def lose weight if you stick to this challenge! Guaranteed!!! Your metabolism will get better!! Feel free to ask any other questions!! This is a great challenge! I dont like diets, but this became my lifestyle =)

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