This week wasn’t perfect… I didn’t stick to my meal plan… and I ate 2 desserts for Valentine’s day… which I’m not sorry about because they were very yummy!!! 😀

I also ate it on Sunday, which I’m sorry about…

I was working out every day though..well, except for one day… and I think I hurt my left foot while working out..Usually I work out bare foot, and it’s too much trouble for me to wear shoes…well…and I suffer the consequences now…

Don’t have any photos to show you guys, because I didn’t cook much… What else to say, this 12 weeks challenge is pretty challenging (well, that’s why they call it CHALLENGE).. I also realized that I need to have something sweet at least once a week, otherwise I’m not happy at all…

I was thinking a lot about whether to make a video update or no.. At first I didn’t want to do it, because there was nothing to update kind of and because I wasn’t happy with the results or with myself… But then I decided to do anyways, because I just wanted to keep it real.. I don’t want to show just a good part of it, because it’s not always good.. and it’s not easy… But we should focus on our goal no matter how many times we fail… and that’s what I’m doing right now… I decided to repeat meal plan for week 4, it means my 12 weeks challenge turned into 13 weeks challenge…hopefully it won’t be 14, 15 etc 😀

My video update is here:

Read everything about meal plans, workout calendars and body makeover here

xo JANE xo


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