Week 7 of my body makeover… Now you can notice a big difference.. I’m really happy with results already.. And I have 5 more weeks to go (6 weeks actually, because I extended this challenge for 1 more week)… And I can’t wait for final results..

A lot of meals for this week were taken from previous meal plans, that’s why I didn’t take photos of them. I just took photos of the food that I didn’t cook before..

It’s a very very healthy cheeseburger and fries. And it’s not a burnt bread as it can look like, it’s portabello mushrooms 🙂 And it’s not french fries, it’s a baked sweet potato fries… 🙂 Isn’t it creative?! I love how I can still eat my favorite burger and sandwiches, bit just much healthier versions.


I am still wearing my post op shoe.. I will probably stop wearing it next week..my foot doesn’t hurt anymore, but I’m continuing to wrap my foot and wear this special boot just in case.. Oh, I also hit my right foot recently, I hit my pinky toe on the love chair, that we have..OMG it was so painful, throbbing pain..and it hurt more than my left foot.. Now it’s better, but still hurts when touching it… I really felt like a handicapped at this point…

So I wasn’t working out much, definitely not on my feet.. I was doing abs workout though every day… And I’m so happy to see results… 🙂

I feel like this body makeover journey is becoming more like my lifestyle… I crave healthier food more than ever, I haven’t eaten bread for all these 7 weeks, and that doesn’t bother me.. I do eat ice cream or some kind of sweets couple of times a week…just because without sweets I’m not happy, and I don’t want to deprive myself from these little things, but I just want to balance and moderate everything I eat or drink.. I bought a coke recently, thinking I would drink it ( And I loove coke, I never can refuse it..only during my pregnancy I didn’t drink it much), I put in my fridge for it cool, thinking that I would drink it..but today I pulled it out of the fridge, because I was taking a lot of space, and I realized that I don’t want it..instead I made myself smoothie..

So I definitely happy with the progress…

You can also watch my update here with the footage of my body for this week:

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xo JANE xo

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