Another way to say “I Love You”

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We all know how simple “I Love You” from our close and beloved people can make our day and how it is important to show appreciation and give attention to people whom we love…Here is another way how to do it: I hung the pen and some sticky notes on the fridge, viagra so we could leave these cute little notes to each other… 🙂

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xo JANE xo

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My Lazy Breakfast


Usually in the mornings we eat a lot (having a feast as Daniel would say): bacon, eggs, cheese toast or bagels with butter and strawberry jam, tea or coffee. But today Daniel wasn’t hungry and I was too lazy to cook anything. So I made lazy sandwich, which is very tasty by the way!! 🙂

Обычно мы плотно завтракаем (пируем, как сказал бы Дэниел): бекон, яичница, сырные тосты или рогалики/бублики (как их там на русском) с маслом и клубничным вареньем. Но сегодня утром Дэниел есть не хотел, а мне было лень что-то готовить, поэтому я сделала ленивый сэндвич, которые, к тому же, очень вкусный!! 🙂

xo JANE xo


2010 FIFA World Cup


So, I was watching Euro 2012 today (Portugal – Spain)… After 2 hours them playing and me watching, after penalties, after all my fear, excitement, wet hands and etc , Spain finally won 🙂

During soccer games I always think about Beijing and my girlfriends, how we used to go to bars and watch World Cup in 2010. It was like 1 – 2 am, and we had exams in the mornings, but nothing could stop us 🙂

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Happy Birthday, Katya!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Katya!! Let this year and all other years be very successful, blessed and joyful. Think only about happiness which is waiting for you and meditate only on good things, and this is how it will be. Even though we are far away, we are still very close to you 😉 Continue to be as strong and beautiful as you have always been and don’t lose that sweet spirit and heart that you have…

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