Today’s Nails


It’s an unusual color for me… Most of the time I use bright colors, but today I chose this pretty pastel color nail polish…

Это необычный цвет лака для меня, так как я всегда за яркие цвета… Но сегодня я выбрала вот такой лак пастельного оттенка…

xo JANE xo

I Love You So Much


Today is July 17th 2012, and it is one year from the day my cousin passed away. That was the most terrible day in my life, and my entire family’s life.

Sometimes I think that it happened just recently, other times it seems that it was a long time ago. But, anyway, I remember everything as if it was yesterday. There was not one day when I didn’t think about Vova, even when I’m sleeping I’m thinking about him: where is he, what is he doing, what is he thinking about.

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Recent Purchases


Daniel and I went to buy gifts for family and of course I couldn’t help not to buy anything for myself… 🙂 Girls will understand me 😉

Мы с Дэниелом пошли по магазинам купить подарки для моей семьи, и я, конечно же, не могла не купить что-нибудь и себе 🙂 Девочки меня понимают 😉

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