Clarisonic Review. Part 2

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3 weeks past after I purchased my Clarisonic Classic (I posted about it here). But I actually used it only 2 weeks, because this last week I was waiting for my Clarisonic Plus to come. I decided to return my Clarisonic Classic back to Sephora, just because I saw at their online store that for only $25 extra you can buy the same sonic cleansing system but with 2 brushes: for face and for body…and they can do engraving for you for free, their shipping is for free also. So, that seemed like a very good deal for me. Really great deal 🙂 I just thought that I invest $200 hundred dollars for my face anyways, why not invest $25 extra for my body as well 🙂

Now, about Clarisonic itself…

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Fun Storage

DIY/How to

This idea came to me when I bought the bag of powdered sugar and I realized that when I open it I don’t know where to put and how to store the rest.. So I decided to take the cans from nuts and make a storage can 🙂

Эта идея пришла мне в голову, когда я купила пакет сахарной пудры и поняла, что когда я ее открою, мне некуда будет ее пересыпать.. Вот я и решила взять баночку из под орешков и пересыпать ее туда 🙂 А чтоб не перепутать ее с другими баночками, я обернула ее красивым скотчем 🙂

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Beauty Tip. Curl Eyelashes.

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Here’s a quick tip on how to curl your eyelashes:

Blast you eyelash curler with a blow drier for 2 seconds, make sure that it’s not too hot and curl your lashes. You will see a huge difference: first of all, it will be easier to curl your eyelashes and second, they will stay curled much longer.

Подержите 2 секунды ваши щипчики для ресниц под феном, убедитесь, что щипчики не совсем горячие, и завейте ресницы. Вы заметите большую разницу: во-первых, таким образом завивать ресницы намного легче, во-вторых, ресницы останутся закрученными на весь день.

xo JANE xo It looks like Magic, but it's real.

My Favorite Free Applications. Smilebox.

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Recently I discovered this great application, which can make your photos memorable, bright and interesting. Smilebox will help you to do whatever you want: Slideshows, invitations, Collages etc. Every week they add new designs… And that all is for free… (I like free stuff…especially that cool and beautiful… who doesn’t right?).

Here are some photos that Smilebox helped me to make 🙂

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