DIY Book + 2 Years Anniversary

DIY/How to

2 years anniversary… Time really flies… 🙂 And here’s my gift for Daniel.. It was funny how I was doing it, trying to hide from him, and everytime when he was coming home, I was taking all my supplies and hiding them, so he couldn’t suspect or see anything 🙂

И вот сегодня 2 года со дня нашей свадьбы.. Время действительно летит… 🙂 Вот мой подарок, сделанный своими руками… Я делала его в течение месяца, когда Дэниела не было дома, и каждый раз, когда я слышала его шаги, я закрывала все и прятала, чтоб он не видел…

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Happy Birthday, Sasha!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, hospital Sasha! We wish you many blessings, discount happiness, cialis lots of love, lots of kids 🙂 And we hope we will see you, your beautiful wife and … 🙂 very very soon…

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Motivation, Inspiration, Encouragement

Everything else, Thoughts

There is always time when we feel like nothing changes, things don’t go any better, we’re afraid to make plans, afraid for our future, because it doesn’t seem bright; we’re disappointed, upset, tired of doing the same thing over and over and not getting results… And when we go through all that, we need someone or something to inspire or motivate us, to give us strength, hope, faith… we need a breakthrough. Personally for me the motivation comes either when I hear or read the Word of God, when I listen Joseph Prince’s preachings or when I read some motivational quotes (and I want to share some of the quotes that I found on Pinterest with you guys)…and of course, Daniel always encourages me… we are trying to encourage each other and always think only positive, even during our darkest time… And I want to encourage everyone, who is going through difficult times right now to read good books, listen to good music, watch happy movies, motivate others, do what you have to do in order to get what you want to get and never, never, never give up… And if you persevere I promise you that everything will be just fine, you will get results you need and you will be proud  pleased with what you did and very thankful for everything (someone told me one time “never say PROUD , we are humble people”..since then I never do) 🙂

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Chicken With Cheese Wrapped In Bacon


The reason why I didn’t post any recipes for a while is that I was looking for and trying new recipes, but I didn’t like the outcome.. And finally today I found this easy recipe.. I cooked, I tasted, I liked and I decided to share it with you 🙂

Я долго не выкладывала рецепты, потому что я все искала то, что мне понравится, то, что я думаю понравится и вам.. Все это время пробовала готовить что-нибудь новое и интересное, но не была довольна конечным результатов, и вот, наконец, сегодня я нашла этот очень легкий рецепт..приготовила, попробовала, мне понравилось, я делюсь с вами 🙂

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Photo Challenge. Day 30. In Motion


And today is the last day of my photo challenge. I’m happy with the results…this kind of photo challenge adds creativity to you, makes you think and look at things differently… So you should definitely try it..Send me your links if you do, because I’m interested to see your photos 🙂

Иии вот сегодня последний день моего фото проекта.. Я довольна результатами…этот проект добавляет креативности, заставляет думать и смотреть на вещи по-другому…

xo JANE xo

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