Best Posts of 2012…

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Today is the end of 2012… It wasn’t the easiest year, but it was definitely a year of discoveries, personal growth, new friends and new opportunities.. And as I look at the whole year, I realize that a lof of things were done, learned and shared. Even though sometimes we think we don’t move anywhere, and it seems that we are the same, at the end of the year we all realize that we are a little bit different…and we’re moving..slow or fast..we’re moving…And I wish all of you in a new coming year move in the right direction, always learn, always be open-minded and love love love…love yourself, love your neighbor <3 I Love you guys!! Happy New Year!

And here are my personally loved posts of this year:

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San Francisco, California Overview

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Today I passed my Driving Theory Test, I’m pretty happy about this.. I wanted to do it this year before all holidays begin, and because I already set my mind to it I couldn’t move on until I passed it. I was reading Driver’s Textbook like crazy these days, and there were so many new words for me, that Daniel had to help me with that a bit… But now I’m done with that, and I can do and enjoy all the stuff I was doing before, like updating my blog, for example 🙂

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VOVASOFT Introduction…

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Today I want to introduce VOVASOFT to you guys – the company, which was created by my brother and the group of young, talented people in honor of our cousin Vova. Unity, talent and creativity of these young people helped them to make their dream come true and allow them to do what they enjoy. VOVASOFT is developing apps for APPLE, and I’m excited to have this opportunity and introduce FINGSTAR to you guys…

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California Video Overview

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I’ve just finished to edit San Jose video and can’t wait to share it with you guys…. Of course, even the video can’t describe and show everything that happened in those 3 days, but at least it’s something 🙂

Thumbs up for the next video and join us in Charlotte !!! 🙂

xo JANE xo

San Jose and San Francisco in Insta Photos

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As many of you guys know we spent almost one week in California: 4 days in San Jose and 2 days in San Francisco… Here are some photos from instagram (the rest is coming soon)… We had a great time there, but I started to miss Dallas (I think Dallas is becoming my new home…it is my new home 🙂

So I just wanted to make a short post about our trip, I still have millions of things to do, so many that I don’t even know where to start… 🙁

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