DIY Tote Bag | No Sewing Necessary…

DIY/How to

Finally!!! I’m posting it!! I know I promise you this tutorial 1 month ago..and now it’s here 🙂 It’s super easy, no sewing needed (I like this part), and it’s really fun to do, and what’s even better you will use these bags a lot: when you go to the beach, or just the store, or if you’re staying at your friend’s house and etc.

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My InstaLife: Week 2, 2013


Hi guys! The reason why I haven’t updated my blog (as many of you already know) is chicken pox… Yeah, yeah, I have a chicken pox… And no, I haven’t had it in childhood, which I now regret…because chicken pox is easier on kids than on adults… So, anyways, today I feel a little better, I’m still in bed though, but Daniel left for work for a couple of hours, so I took my computer in bed to update my blog (he didn’t let me do any work :-).. he’s been wonderful this past week)…

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