My InstaLife: Week 8


1. Celebrating!!! ^_^

2. Haven’t draw in a while =( So here you go 🙂 I’m not big fan of cats, a lot of people probably already know about that, but in the book form where I’m learning how to draw there was I didn’t have much choice 🙂

xo JANE xo

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Talents and gifts


I know I’ve talked about it couple of times already, but this time I decided to make a video and I created a YouTube channel to motivate and encourage you guys, because I know that are many people out there who need support and encouragement, but yet don’t have people in their life who can give it to them..

So here’s my first video on how to find talents within yourself…

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Help me win 4 VIP Seats

Everything else

Hi guys, short post today… Me and Daniel are going to the International Convention this weekend, there will be 30 000 people from all over the world.. it will be huge.. And our company is hosting the contest for the best birthday wishes video(Company is 20 years old now) and the winner will get 4 VIP seats.. You can probably imagine that everyone would like to get VIP seat and not to stand in the huge lines and etc.. So I’m not an exception 🙂

How can you help me? It’s very simple, click on the link below ↓ and LIKE and COMMENT on the video.. That’s it.. Thank you very much in advance!!

Привет всем, короткий пост на сегодня… Мы с Дэниелом едем на международную конвенцию в эти выходные, там будет около 30 000 человек со всего мира.. В честь 20летия нашей компании проводится конкурс на лучшее видео, и победитель получит 4 VIP места.. Как вы уже можете догадаться, никому не хочется стоять в огромной очереди, в толпе людей и т.д. И я не исключение.. 🙂

Итак, как вы можете мне помочь.. Это просто: кликните по ссылке ниже ↓ , поставьте ЛАЙК и оставьте КОММЕНТАРИЙ.. Спасибо всем большое заранее!

xo JANE xo