BA Star Eyeshadow Palette. Review

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Today I will make a review on these BA Star Natural Eyeshadow palette.

PROS: I like this palette and colors, because they are versatile, perfect for every day, eyeshadows are very blendable, which makes it easy to work with. It also contains 2 glitters (Gold and Crystal), so you can easily make day to night look. Price is very affordable: $8.75 and it’s $5 if you buy 6 or more palettes.

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How to: Amateurish Watercolor Painting


So, I guess back to watercolors, where all began for me 🙂 I recently realized that I missed watercolors, that’s why I decided to sit and paint something with the them..and here’s the result 🙂 I also made a little video of how I painted this from start to finish ↓ .. I’m an amateur, self-taught artist, so I will appreciate any art books, websites or tips suggested… Thank you!

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A little bit about integrity!!


I think Integrity is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Always do what’s right, even if you will suffer isn’t only integrity, it is also dignity and strong character. We all want good things in our lives. For some people it’s all that matters, for others it matters only when they got it the right way, not losing personal qualities. What do you think about Victory by any means??And where does integrity stand for you? I’m always curious what people think!! 🙂

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China. Nostalgia…(*sigh*)


I was posting about my time in China before (here and here). And here it is again…Nostalgia… I miss Beijing, viagra order miss my girlfriends, price miss my University and classes (sounds weird :-)), I miss all those beautiful places, miss all my foreign classmates and friends… I had a fun time being there.. (*sigh*)…And here are some photos that I made there (No Filter)…

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