22 weeks 6 days…


Just a quick post today… This past week I felt more energized, didn’t take naps in the afternoon..didn’t feel sleepy at all, and slept good through nights.. I had some pain in my lower back, but I’m trying to walk and exercise more..also body pillow helps a lot… I like it more and more, Daniel slept with it couple of nights, and he loved it too…he is serious about getting one for himself haha 🙂 Continue reading “22 weeks 6 days…”

22 weeks 5 days…(FreePrints)

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I got “The Belly Bump” book, I should’ve gotten it earlier at the beginning of my pregnancy and fill it in with my weekly pregnancy updates, photos and other memories… But I’m glad I still got it, because my memories are still very fresh… And this first pregnancy book with all my memories will be with me forever 🙂 I wanted to share with you guys the iPhone app that I use for printing my photos.. I print my photos absolutely for free and I pay only for shipping..

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22 weeks 4 days.. (Let’s talk about exercises)…


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Today let’s talk about the importance of exercises… We all know how it is important to exercise on a regular basis, but it’s even more important to do during your pregnancy… Exercises, whether it is prenatal yoga, pilates or swimming can ease your pain during delivery, and it will be easier to heal after you deliver.. I’ll be honest with you I didn’t exercise much before my pregnancy, I should have, but I didn’t.. I took it more seriously only after I got my pregnant, because I’ll probably do anything to ease my pain during delivery, Continue reading “22 weeks 4 days.. (Let’s talk about exercises)…”

22 weeks 3 days… (My Go-To Snack)

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That’s an easy, but such a tasty sandwich…(Daniel can eat it like every day :-)).. I posted a quick similar recipe on this sandwich last year.. But today I decided to go into details more… I can’t believe I even post this recipe, I think everyone already knows how to make it, but in case you don’t, here you go..Enjoy!! 😉

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22 weeks 1 day…


My belly shot for week 22… 🙂 Growing by day.. will definitely have to get maternity clothes… I’m wearing my regular clothes now and I thought maybe I wouldn’t have to buy maternity clothes.. (*how naive*) 😉

Anyways, this week baby will be the size of a papaya and will weigh more than a pound… At the very beginning fetus was small as an apple seed and now he progressed to a papaya… how cool is that 🙂

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22 weeks (Sonogram appointment)…


We had a sonogram appointment today… Saw Christian (yep, still a boy.. no gender change) again, his little hands and feet… Doctor checked his brain, kidneys, lips.. Everything is awesome.. His weight is 1.1 lbs now, which is perfect… Doctor also checked my cervix and everything he needed to check… and he said that even if we wanted to do anything better, we wouldn’t be able to, because everything is perfect…It’s great news, a great compliment to my pregnancy, and I’m so happy that everything is so smooth and easy… I’m very thankful for it and I thank God that everything is the way it is…  Continue reading “22 weeks (Sonogram appointment)…”