35 weeks and 3 days…


I’m already 35 weeks pregnant… It’s crazy!!! You would think that I’m already ready for the baby to be born… But I’m not..Not because I’m not ready to finally meet him, but because I have so many things to do before he comes.. I need to wash his all of his clothes, I need to pack (because we will probably move out or maybe not..that’s why I haven’t started to pack yet), need to get some more things before he comes, and need to pack my hospital bag…my mom is coming soon, need to prepare a room for her.. And I’m overwhelmed!! But it’s all good, we will manage somehow 🙂

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Review:Tungsten Ring by ModernDesign Inc…


Today let’s talk a little bit about jewelry (who doesn’t like jewelry, right?).. I recently discovered Modern Design Inc. They are located in downtown Los Angeles, established since 1978 and offer a good variety of jewelry from bracelets and earrings to engagement rings and wedding bands…

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Review: L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder


I’m probably a little late with my review of this product, but anyways here it is:

I, first, wanted to try this product because of the packaging, it was appealing to me 🙂 And of course I got it… The name of the product was also interesting: Magic Nude Liquid Powder (Not foundation – Powder!!!) I was intrigued…

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33 weeks 1 day…


7 weeks to go!!!! And they will fly like nothing 🙂 Symptoms for this week: 1. tired, tired and tired… All I want to do is SLEEP… But for some reason I can’t fall asleep during the day..at least I’m sleeping at nights… 🙂 Today was exception though: I took 30 minutes nap and I feel sooo much better… 2. couple of nights ago I had leg cramps… I was stretching my legs and my body in the middle of the night, and then I got leg cramp… I don’t need to tell you that it’s not the most pleasant feeling, but what helps immediately is when I pull my toes towards me…pain goes away right away!!

We also had our first baby shower on September 7th… I will upload photos later (After September, 22…after all of our baby showers), but if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve probably already seen some of them… So, anyways stay tuned for those….

xo JANE xo

32 weeks 4 days (Lamaze class and Dr. Appt updates)


 Pregnancy Ticker
Ok, as promised here are my updates… Yesterday we went to our first session of Lamaze class… It was awesome, very informative, very helpful… We have 3 more sessions..each class lasts 3 hours… But I love it 🙂 As you remember we went to breastfeeding class couple of months ago, and I loved it so much, I wanted to attend all classes available 🙂

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