Review: Les Cinq Amandes


The sweetest things {literally} I recently got for a review are these Les Cinq Amandes candies (The 5 almonds in translation). Les Cinq Amandes was launched in 2007 and they are famous for creating artisanal confections like classic sugared almonds and hand painted chocolates. They started at 1988 from making exceptional custom-made artisanal favors and gifts for close friends and family. And right now their list of customer growing and growing: hotels, corporate companies, party planners, high-end stores and boutiques, dignitaries, politicians and people of fine taste from around the world are enjoying little creations of Les Cinq Amandes. Continue reading “Review: Les Cinq Amandes”

Paul Newman and The Rolex Daytona Story

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Paul Newman was one of the greatest movie stars who ever lived. In the 1960s and 1970s his name was box office gold. His performances in movies like Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid made him an icon of rebellious, check hipster cool that resonated deeply with an entire generation. Newman was also a serious humanitarian who raised hundreds of millions for charities through his Newman’s Own company and the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps for seriously ill children. His charitable works continue after his passing, too. In addition to his charitable accomplishments, Newman still manages to do something else noteworthy after his passing: to lend his name to one of the most sought after variants of one of the most desirable Rolex watches of them all—the Daytona.

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Review: FDS Personals Perfectly Portable Cleansing Cloths


Established in 1966, FDS® – “Feminine, Discreet, Sensual” is one of the most well known and trusted brands in Feminine Personal Care. FDS offers a range of feminine deodorant sprays and washes which are currently sold through a number of retailers including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Publix, Kmart and Kroger among others, as well as numerous independent beauty supply stores. Continue reading “Review: FDS Personals Perfectly Portable Cleansing Cloths”

Madonna & Co.


I recently discovered Madonna & Co online store (they also have a boutique in SoHo New York)…and let me tell you…as soon as you open the first page of the website you realize that you found something unusual, viagra sale something special and something luxurious.. All the clothes and accessories are meant to be worn by someone who creates fashion, viagra not who follows it, cost by someone who stands out of the crowd, someone unique and special… Continue reading “Madonna & Co.”

Wipes by Honest Co.


Today I’m reviewing these wipes by Honest Co. These are the first wipes I used for/on baby and I really loved them.. I purchased 1 regular size of wipes (72 ct.) and 4 travel sizes (10 ct) (like on the pic)…

First of all they contain NO parabens, clorine, phenols, alcohol, phthalates, formaldehyde or other risky chemicals and unnecessary additives.. That’s what I was looking for when choosing wipes and diapers (will talk about diapers later).. Second of all they are very thick and what’s most important very it won’t be harsh or uncomfortable on baby’s soft little bottom 🙂 Continue reading “Wipes by Honest Co.”


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“Today, viagra 100mg over 27 million men, women, and children are trapped in slavery. That’s more people than the entire course of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The mission of Dressember is to put a stop to one of the greatest social injustices of our time. Dressember participants wear dresses every day during the month of December to celebrate the freedom of beauty and femininity that they’re allowed, and to raise awareness and funds on behalf of those who aren’t free to live vibrant, autonomous lives. One hundred percent of the funds raised during Dressember will go directly to International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that has worked tirelessly for over 15 years to bring rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and violent oppression. Together, we can make a lasting global impact.” Continue reading “DRESSEMBER 2013..”