Ssam Korean BBQ & Shabu Shabu

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Ok, so Korean food is my favorite food..and one of Daniel’s favorite cuisine as well. When we don’t know where to go to eat, we go there. Most of the times we go to this specific restaurant – Ssam BBQ & Shabu Shabu and a lot of times we order the same: kimchtige and LA kalbi.. If you like spice, you would like this soup. And I think everyone would love LA kalbi (short ribs in kalbi sauce).  Continue reading “Ssam Korean BBQ & Shabu Shabu”

My Life in InstaPhotos: May 19 – 25, 2014 + InstaLife Link-Up


Oh Yeaaaah!!! July 22, Dallas… On the run Tour. Beyonce & JayZ… And we’re going.. I wanted to go to her concert for years now. I missed it in 2007 when I was in North Carolina, I missed it in 2009 in Beijing, and then I promised myself that I will not miss the next opportunity to go and hear her singing live… And you should always keep your word, said even to yourself..especially to yourself, right? 🙂 And so I’m going.. Counting weeks and days.. and I’m so excited..  Continue reading “My Life in InstaPhotos: May 19 — 25, 2014 + InstaLife Link-Up”

DIY Gift Idea You and Your Baby Can Do

DIY/How to

We made this gift for Christian’s Grammy for Mother’s Day. But it’s very customizable, you can make it for dad, friend, basically for anyone and for any occasion. I think it’s a great keepsake. It’s very inexpensive to make it..

You will need:

Christian’s 7 months update


S-E-V-E-N months… 5 more months and he will be 1 year old… Christian is growing every day.. And when I looked at his first clothes when he was just born, I couldn’t believe that he was that small and now so grown.. We recently looked at his old photos (he loves looking at photos btw), and he was so different.. He changed a lot. I haven’t really noticed how much he changed until I saw those photos 🙂

Weight: 17.8 lbs (compare to the previous month)

Diaper size: 3

Clothes size: 6-9

What’s new: (compare to the previous month)

  • sleeping on his tummy
  • eating much better from the spoon
  • saying “amamamama” when wants to be picked up (That’s my favorite! :-))
  • “crawling”  kind of 🙂 => moving on his elbows and knees
Watch our Video Update:

Семь месяцев ему уже, представляете?! Через 5 месяцев ему будет 1 год… Даже не могу представить.. А время все летит да летит, и нас не ждет… Недавно, я перебирала его вещи, убирала те, что ему уже малы.. и никак не могла поверить, что он был такой маленький и в них помещался. Еще пересматривали его фотографии, где он был совсем совсем маленький, я была поражена как он сильно изменился.. Я этого никогда не замечала, так как вижу его целыми днями.. Но он был совсем другой..

Вес: 8 кг (сравнить с предыдущим месяцем)

Подгуздник: 3

Одежда: 6-9

Что нового: (сравнить с предыдущим месяцем)

  • спит на животе
  • намного лучше ест с ложки
  • говорит “амамамама”, когда хочет чтоб его подняли…
  • типа ползает 🙂 он передвигается на локтях и коленях
xo JANE xo

My Life in InstaPhotos: May 12 – 18, 2014

Everything else, Photography

One more week past and we are closer and closer to Summer..Of course, here in Dallas already feels like summer 🙂 This photo was taken on Sunday at our church… I like such days: family days, church days, God’s days…

Вот и прошла очередная неделя, и мы все ближе и ближе к лету. Конечно, здесь в Далласе уже лето 🙂 Это фото было снято в воскресенье в нашей церкви. Люблю такие дни, когда вся семья вместе, и в церкви… Continue reading “My Life in InstaPhotos: May 12 — 18, 2014”

Lunch at Kona Grill

Dallas, Texas, Food/Recipes

I recently thought why not to write about the places that we normally go, visit or eat in?! I think it will be very interesting especially for people who live in Dallas, or recently moved, or just visiting.. And so here’s my first post. Recently we went to North Park mall (love it..for nursing rooms that they have there :-)) to do a little shopping. And when we go to North Park mall we always eat at Kona Grill. Love their rolls and sushi..especially when it’s happy hour. (Here you can find happy hour time, phone number and location).

We were very, very, very hungry. So we ordered: tacos (1 with chicken and 1 with catfish), cheeseburger sliders, bama rolls, and voodoo rolls.  Continue reading “Lunch at Kona Grill”

Empties #2


Today I want to share with you products I’ve used up for these couple of months. And I will also write a little review and tell you guys whether I will repurchase or not repurchase a particular product again.

Also, I tried to find and link the places where you can get these products cheaper 🙂

You can watch the video here:

1.  Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Tea Sugar Scrub

Love love love this scrub. Love the smell. Love the feel. I will definitely recommend it and will repurchase myself.

2. Onyx Professional Nail polish remover

Smells awful. Won’t repurchase. 

3. Maybelline New York Clean Express Makeup Removing Lotion 

Don’t like the concept of 3 in 1: removes makeup, cleanses and moisturizers. It says you don’t even have to wash it off..for me it’s not even an option. Also, it doesn’t remove waterproof makeup. Won’t repurchase.

4. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution 

It’s just a regular contact lenses solution. I always switch them up.

5. FDS Personals Portable Cleansing Cloths (full review is here).

Will repurchase. Continue reading “Empties #2”

My Life in InstaPhotos: May 5 – 11, 2014


This is one of my favorite photos ever… Love my men <3 … I’m so happy to be a wife and a mother…this is the greatest and the most satisfying feeling….

Одно из моих самых любимых фото… Люблю моих мужчин <3 … И я так счастлива быть женой и матерью.. для меня это самое великолепное чувство…

Continue reading “My Life in InstaPhotos: May 5 — 11, 2014”