Drugstore Nail Polish Removers vs. ZOYA

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I never gave a second thought to nail polish removers that I used to use. I thought they were all kind of the same, but as it turned out  not all nail polishes are made equal. I recently tried Zoya Nail Polish Remover, and it was an eye-opening experience 🙂 Seriously, I was surprised at how easy it took off my nail polish. It easily removes any nail polish, even the most glittery ones. And bonus: it doesn’t smell bad.

The 3-in-1 formula removes nail polish, nourishes nails and fortifies the nail plate for guaranteed extended polish wear. But even if the only thing it did was removing nail polish, I’d still recommend it.  Continue reading “Drugstore Nail Polish Removers vs. ZOYA”

Casual Outfit Ideas For Nursing Moms

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I remember when I got pregnant with Christian, I felt so limited in clothes option, and I couldn’t wait to give birth and wear non-maternity clothes and heels again!! But then I started to nurse and that brought its own challenges. While still nursing I got pregnant with baby David, but decided that neither pregnancy nor breastfeeding are going to stop me from wearing cute clothes, from looking and feeling good (it’s like “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?), so I decided to embrace being pregnant, nursing, and instead of waiting until I can wear regular clothes I decided to enjoy the process and started to shop for clothes that are versatile and can be worn even after I stop nursing 🙂

These past 3 years I was either pregnant or nursing and I learned what clothes to wear what not to wear, and today I’m going to share some tips on what to wear while nursing and still look beautiful every day. I put together several outfits, just to give you an idea and inspiration. I’m sure most of these items you already have in your wardrobe.

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Gift Ideas For Her

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This is the last post in the series of “Gift Guide” posts (Check out “11 Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas For Any Occasion”  and “Gifts that HE will actually use”). This is one is probably the easiest for me to write, since I’m a girl and girls know what other girls want… 🙂 So many stores make it so easy to choose a gift for a woman by making gift sets and gift guides. Plus, there are gifts that will never get old, like: jewelry, skin care, flowers, perfumes… It’s because every woman needs these things in her life… And there is absolutely nothing wrong if you want to stick with those gifts, but if you’re tired of getting the same kind of gifts every year, this list might be for you:
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The Truth About Zofran

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I have been recently contacted by ZofranLawsuitGuide.com asking me to get the word out on the dangers of a drug called Zofran. Many pregnant women are familiar with this drug since it’s prescribed to help with nausea and vomiting, but not many of us know about birth defects that Zofran can cause to a baby.

I’m usually against any medications in general, just because you never know the whole truth about any of them, I don’t want to endanger myself and especially my baby to any side effects. Thank God both of my pregnancies were good and I didn’t have bad morning sickness at all, I was prescribed Zofran once when I was pregnant with my second baby just in case my morning sickness got worse, and I waited as long as I could, not to take this medicine. But towards the end of my first trimester, I felt really sick and I took one, it helped. Luckily, the next day my morning sickness was gone, and I didn’t have to take more of it. But if I knew then what I know about Zofran now, I wouldn’t take it at all.

I’m not a doctor or medical worker, and I won’t ask you to solemnly rely on just this article, but I will ask you to do your own research on this drug before you take it, talk to your OBGYN as well. I read many articles about Zofran some say that the risk is minimal (but the risk is still there), some are completely against this medication to be prescribed to pregnant women. Here are the highlights about Zofran ↓

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Gifts That He Will Actually Use

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gifts for him

I’m always looking for some unique and original gifts for my husband because I want to avoid cliche gifts like shaving creams, belts, ties, watches, and colognes etc. Nothing wrong with these kinds of gifts, but there is no surprise factor to them. I also know how stressful it can be to find a gift right before a Big Day, so I learned to listen to people and figure out way in advance what they like and what they get excited about, what their dreams are and etc. that way it becomes much easier to get a gift that they will actually like and use.

Here I just made a list of gifts that I think are just different and unique in a way, and I tried to keep in mind different age, different personalities and hobbies while creating it. I hope a man in your life whether it’s a husband, father, brother, boyfriend, uncle etc will appreciate a gift that you choose for them even if it’s just a handmade card (BTW, handmade gifts are the best.. I think so :-)) Also, let me know if you want to see handmade gift ideas!! 🙂

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11 Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

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Here’s the list of 10 unique and original gift ideas that you never knew existed!! They are perfect for any occasion, any budget, and anyone 🙂

  1. CUP WARMER Starts at $9.99


A perfect gift for people who love to drink hot beverages, me, for example 🙂 I came from the country where people have big families, gather together and drink hot tea every evening, and when I moved to U.S., I brought the love for tea with me. I like to drink hot tea when I’m sitting at my desk, writing and creating a content for the blog, but I stopped making tea because it was getting cold too quickly, and I was too lazy reheating it all the time. Then I started to make tea in the thermos instead of teapot (which is also a good idea by the way since thermos keeps it hot for 24 hours or more) I just had to use a smaller cup, so that I could finish drinking tea before it got cold again, but then I saw this cup warmer, and it solved all my drinking-hot-tea problems.

There are so many different kinds of mug warmers to choose from (here’s the list): different cords (regular/USB, different designs, some are even made in a form of  a sleeve) Click the link to see the options. 

2. Wallet Ninja Multitool $10.26


Wallet Ninja is an 18-in-1 multi-purpose credit card size tool.

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My New Year Resolutions (Part 2)

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This is the second part of my New Year Resolutions. (If you’re into clean eating, fitness, cooking etc. read the first part here :-)). My second resolution for the year of 2016 is getting back to blogging. This time I want to be more serious and thoughtful about it, not that I ever wasn’t..but it seems like I forgot why I was blogging in the first place.  I started this blog couple of years ago with the intention to share DIY projects, fashion inspirations, beauty reviews etc, but somewhere along the way I lost that passion and my blog became something more personal, I started to share more family photos and stuff, and even though I’m still planning on sharing family photos and experiences here on my blog and on our family YT channel, I want to get back to sharing recipes, fun projects, fashion inspirations etc. And I’m planning on posting on my blog twice a week. So definitely subscribe, I have many blog post ideas in my mind that I think you guys will like 🙂

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My New Year Resolutions

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Usually, I’m not the person who makes New Year resolutions every new year 🙂 When I want to change something in my life I try to change it right away…not starting from Monday or next month, or after New Year… But this year the changes and improvements that I want to make in my life happened at the end of the year, so I thought why not to write a “My New Year Resolution Goals”. I really had to think and prioritize the goals I want to achieve in 2016. It’s just because there are so many things that I want to do and I want to become, and often I think I have so little time and that I need to rush and every second of my free time I must do something. But I also know that when you do 100 things at once, you will never be good at any of them. I mean I know it in my head, but now I should follow my own advice to prioritize and focus. Sometimes it seems like I have a chaos in my head, I have too many ideas and desires, like: I want to be a better wife, a better mother, I want to travel, and I want to blog more, I want to study photography, and I want to study makeup, I want to read more, and I want to learn a foreign language, to scrapbook, to paint etc. …and it’s just a small percentage of what’s going on in my head. So I decided to make the list of my resolutions for 2016 to be able to focus on just a couple of things and not to be distracted by so many others. So here it is:  Continue reading “My New Year Resolutions”