I haven’t done the post like this in a really long time, and since today is the beginning of my last year of being 20s I think it’s a good time to make the list again. This day next year I’m going to be 30 and I’m terrified of this number. I don’t even know why I’m freaking out like this.  I guess I always thought that once you turn 30, that’s it, you enter the #AdultLife, like you become a woman who can’t wear short shorts and bikini anymore, who might even cut her hair short, who must use face masks and eye cream all the time, who gets her first wrinkles, and who younger generation calls Mrs. ____ . And I don’t want this. Not because I want to be childish and don’t want to grow up, I just don’t want to get old I guess. People actually consider me mature for my age, but when I turn 30, maturity will be kind of expected. Let me know if you have similar feelings? At least then I won’t feel so lonely and silly.

Nevertheless, I want to spend this year purposefully so good that it won’t be so sad to turn 30. Here is my list of 29 things to do this year:

  1. Sleep in (at least till 9 am). I don’t remember when was the last time I slept that long, but I seriously need it!!!
  2. Go to Tashkent (my hometown). I haven’t been there since 2012, and I really miss my family and friends (at least, I get to see my parents every year).
  3. Special date with my husband. Just He and I. We do love family time, and we try to make at least one day a week a special family day full of activities. Saturdays and Sundays are usually our dates nights in and we do enjoy them a lot, but I’m talking about something special, that we don’t normally do.
  4. Microblading. Yep, it’s on my list, because I’m tired of doing my eyebrows every day, and I really don’t have time to do them, but I also want them to look perfect every day, so I found a solution! And I’m going to do it!
  5. Grow basil and mint. There’s no way I can do the whole garden 🙂
  6. To make a big birthday party for my dad. He turned 60 years old a year ago, and in our culture, it’s a very important number to celebrate. We didn’t celebrate it last year because I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t go there (it’s like 25 hours flight), but hopefully, next year we can do it.
  7. Go to a rodeo with my parents. I’ve been to one last month, but I really want my parents to see it and have this experience.
  8. See all Dallas sightseeings. I’ve lived in Dallas for almost 5 years, but I haven’t seen all of the Dallas and what it has to offer. Isn’t it always like this though? You always think that you have time to explore your own city or town you live in, but you end up not to.
  9. Seeing my friends and family from all over the world. I really wish that happens really soon. I miss them all  so much. Realistically I know that this one is hard to accomplish within a year, but I’m always hopeful.birthday-girlYou can find my dress here. It comes in 2 colors and it’s under $30.
  10. Going to the beach with friends. We plan it every year, but maybe this year we will actually do it. It’s going to be so much fun!!!
  11. Fishing at the ocean with my dad. That’s a dream come true for him! I can just imagine a smile on his face when he catches a big fish out from the ocean…oh, so good!
  12. Go to Fort Worth Zoo. I keep hearing that it’s so good (even though Dallas Zoo is the biggest in Texas), but I’m just wondering why is it so good and why people rave about it so much.
  13. Girls Day Out at the spa salon. I’m talking about the legit good spa salon where we can relax, chat, drink some wine and not worry about getting back home because we have mommy responsibilities…
  14. Family Photoshoot. This one is a must!! We haven’t done one in so long.
  15. Explore and find some great family owned restaurants. We like to support family businesses and their food is so much better.
  16. Cruise. I’d like to go on one, but not sure about sea sickness. I think I will totally get sea sick. We were planning on going on one when I was pregnant with Christian, but as soon as they found out I was almost 28 weeks pregnant they didn’t sell us the tickets 🙁
  17. Music Concert. This one will be so much fun. We went to Jay-z and Beyonce concert last year, and it was so awesome!
  18. Grow my hair and keep them long. It always happens to me when I cut my hair short and then I regret it. So this year if I have a desire to cut my hair short I’ll refer to this post first.
  19. Do something fun with Daniel (cooking class or wine tasting).
  20. Do one thing that I’ve never done before. What can it be? Mmm I don’t know I’ve never done it LOL.
  21. Family road trip.
  22. Dance classes. I used to dance when I was at school and I always liked it, so my plan is to attend dance classes for just a couple of months when my parents come to visit.
  23. Sip-n-doodle. Last time I painted was last year with my mom and our friends, I plan on repeating it this year as well. It’s so relaxing and fun.
  24. Family staycation.
  25. Attend hot air balloon festival. I’ve actually never attended one, so I’m excited 🙂
  26. Read {or listen} to at least 3 NON-parenting books.
  27. Bible study. I really need to spend more time in the Word of God. This is the only way I can get rid of stress and anxiety, this is where I can get wisdom and strength.
  28. To finally start drinking more water. This is my number 1 life struggle, especially in winter. Any tips?
  29. Celebrate my 30th birthday with my parents. That would be a great gift for me. I don’t remember last time I celebrated my birthday with my parents, it’s been so long.

What a great blessing will it be to be able to do and enjoy everything that on my the list!! But even if not I already feel so blessed and happy. I’m thankful for everyone and everything I have in my life. All glory to God! xo <3

xo JANE xo

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