Family Day In The Life

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This is how our typical family day looks like (if you ever wondered :-))  Here I’m posting the photos that I really like, but if you want to see the full DITL (day in the life) photo shoot click this link.


Usually, we all wake up when one of the kids wake up (around 7 am), and then we have a little party in our bed: playing, reading books, hugging, kissing and laughing a lot.


When Daniel has a day off he cooks breakfast. And no matter who makes breakfast Christian likes to watch and help.


While Daniel is cooking breakfast, I’m nursing David. And Christian just runs back and forth to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do LOL 🙂





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Casual Outfit Ideas For Nursing Moms

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I remember when I got pregnant with Christian, I felt so limited in clothes option, and I couldn’t wait to give birth and wear non-maternity clothes and heels again!! But then I started to nurse and that brought its own challenges. While still nursing I got pregnant with baby David, but decided that neither pregnancy nor breastfeeding are going to stop me from wearing cute clothes, from looking and feeling good (it’s like “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?), so I decided to embrace being pregnant, nursing, and instead of waiting until I can wear regular clothes I decided to enjoy the process and started to shop for clothes that are versatile and can be worn even after I stop nursing 🙂

These past 3 years I was either pregnant or nursing and I learned what clothes to wear what not to wear, and today I’m going to share some tips on what to wear while nursing and still look beautiful every day. I put together several outfits, just to give you an idea and inspiration. I’m sure most of these items you already have in your wardrobe.

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Gift Ideas For Her

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This is the last post in the series of “Gift Guide” posts (Check out “11 Unique & Affordable Gift Ideas For Any Occasion”  and “Gifts that HE will actually use”). This is one is probably the easiest for me to write, since I’m a girl and girls know what other girls want… 🙂 So many stores make it so easy to choose a gift for a woman by making gift sets and gift guides. Plus, there are gifts that will never get old, like: jewelry, skin care, flowers, perfumes… It’s because every woman needs these things in her life… And there is absolutely nothing wrong if you want to stick with those gifts, but if you’re tired of getting the same kind of gifts every year, this list might be for you:
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33 + 1 Favorite Moments of 2015

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Just a round up of our favorite photos and videos that were taken in 2015. It’s hard to describe this year in one word, 2015 was filled with so many emotions and events: it was very difficult, but it was also joyful, it was sad, and it was happy, we had our second son, and we lost our grandmothers, we met new amazing people and new friends; my parents and my cousin visited us…just so many things happened, but there were definitely more good than bad..or am I just being positive? 🙂 LOL… Anyways, here are our best moments and memories of 2015..

1. Valentine’s Day and I’m 14 weeks pregnant.. Looking at this picture, I can’t wait for warm weather to finally be here, even though this winter is pretty warm, so I won’t complain too much! 🙂

Our Life In Instaphotos: November 17 – 23, 2014


I sat (well, I layed down… :-)) to write my weekly post about how I week went. And I literally remember only what was yesterday, everything else just slipped out of my mind… Right now I’m thinking really hard about every day of this past week. I guess a lot of things I just do so automatically that I don’t even register them in my head: cooking, cleaning, working, cleaning, cooking, sleeping… plus, I’m reaaaally tired. And that all makes me think, how people have 2 or more kids, especially if they all under 3 or twins or triplets :-)??? Supemommys, for sure.. I don’t think I could do that..

Села я значит (легла вернее) писать мой еженедельный пост, о том, как прошла наша неделя.. И мой мозг помнит только то, что было вчера, на этом все воспоминания заканчиваются.. Сейчас я прилагаю все усилия, чтобы вспомнить а что мы все-таки делали. Я столько всего делаю просто на автомате, что это уже даже не регестрируется у меня в голове: готовлю, убираю, работаю, опять готовлю, опять убираю, посуда, посуда, посуда, а потом спаааать, а еще к тому же я в эти очень уставшая. В такие моменты я начинаю думать, а как люди справляются с двумя детьми или тремя, а особенно если им всем меньше трех лет..а если еще и близнецы..или тройняшки??? Вот что я называю Супермамы 🙂 Думаю, я бы так не смогла 🙂

On Monday we went to a playground, Christian had so much fun there. He really loves kids, he wants to play with them and grab them (sometimes not so gentle). But he really enjoyed it there, and I’m always happy to see him happy!

On Thursday we went to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers meeting), I usually leave him at child care there, and he just doesn’t like it.. He is probably the only child in that room that cries and doesn’t want to play. Not sure why he has such separation anxiety. I was kind of thinking that maybe because he is breastfed, and he’s so attached to me? Usually I’ve noticed that bottlefed babies act a little different and are more independent. Now every time we go to MOPS, he ends up with me and all the mommies.

В понедельник мы пошли играть на детскую площадку, Кристиану там как всегда очень понравилось. Он очень любит детей, хочет их за ручку схватить..иногда за ногу…бывает и за голову…В общем, нежностям нам еще учиться и учиться…

2 раза в месяц по четвергам у нас встречи с мамами в церкви. Детки в комнатах для детей, а мамы завтракают и слушают разных спикеров. Кристиану там не нравится, он по-моему единственный ребенок в своей комнате, который капризничает и плачет. Не знаю почему у него такая сильная привязанность ко мне. Я думаю может потому что он на грудном вскармливании, по моим наблюдениям детки на ИВ более независимые в этом возрасте.. В общем, мои встречи так и проходят с ним на коленках…

This project was fun! At our church and at MOPS we had an Operation Christmas Child project (I think it’s nationwide). Basically, you choose an age group of a child (2-4. 5-9. 10-14), you choose boy of girl, and then you get different goodies like school supply, or something for hygiene, toys etc, pack it all in a shoebox. Our church collects all the boxes, and then they’re all sent to different parts of the world, like Panama, Africa etc. So it’s a great idea to share our love and love of Jesus with kids, and just make their Christmas something special and bright. This was our first year doing something like this, and I hope it becomes our tradition, and when Christian grows up a little, he will help, and he will learn a lot through this as well.

This year he was enjoying UNpacking shoeboxes 🙂 not packing them 🙂

А вот этот проект нам очень понравился! Каждый год здесь в Америке собирают коробки с подарками для нуждающихся детей в других странах. Ну вот, мы выбрали для себя мальчика (2-4 годика) и девочку (5-9 лет), и собирали подарки: школьные принадлежности, средства гигиены, игрушки. Теперь это станет нашей традицией – собирать подарки детям каждый год. И когда Кристиан станет немного старше, он будет помогать. В этот раз ему понравилось распаковывать коробку, а не упаковывать ее. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful week!!

xo JANE xo

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Our Life In InstaPhotos: November 10 – 16, 2014


I didn’t realize how few photos I posted on Instagram this past week.. I’m still trying to find balance between my work/hobby, family, and everything that needs to be done at the house.. And there are weeks that I post a lot on my blog, but I don’t make as many videos, sometimes I post a lot of videos, but don’t have enough time to update my blog and instagram. I always make sure though that I cook meals for my family (and yes, on occasions we order pizza :-)), spend time with them, especially weekends with my husband.. Basically I put my family above my hobbies, and I personally think that it’s right for woman to do so and prioritize family and God (if you’re a believer) above other things… But as I said I’m still trying to find balance between everything, and I like to do it all and to have it all… Recently, I created a schedule, and I even have a big calendar on the wall, where I write down all the stuff that I need to do for like almost a month ahead… It helps a lot, that way I stay organized and not overwhelmed…well, I try not to get overwhelmed 🙂 This is my rough schedule: to post a beauty video once a week, to post a vlog once a week, update my blog 3 times a week… We’ll see how it goes, and if this schedule is manageable for me.. Before I had to post 4 videos in a week: 2 for beauty channel and 2 for my family channel. But it was waaay over my head. I managed to stick to the schedule for only one week…barely… I had to edit day and night, and just was exhausted… 🙂

So that is kind of my update on my life so far…

And how is your life going on? Please, do share… 🙂

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Our Life in InstaPhotos: November 3 – 9, 2014


This past week we just stayed home. Christian was diagnosed with Hand, foot, mouth disease.. It’s a rash that appears on the face. hands and feet, sometimes in the mouth.. He had it for only a day..But we still were home just to be on the safe side in case he was contagious. He slept so bad at nights I thoughts those days I mean nights were in the past, but I guess not. He is good right now though, he eats good, sleeps good and in a good mood. And it always makes me happy.

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Christian’s First Birthday Party (Photos and Video)

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Finally collected all the photos from people who attended Christian’s birthday party, and took photos.. We didn’t hire photographer and videographer, because they’re ridiculously expensive here, as I was saying before. I’ll do a separate post about all the supplies and where I got them from… But for now I just want to share couple of photos and video from that day… Continue reading “Christian’s First Birthday Party (Photos and Video)”