My Favorite iPhone Applications. Camera 360.

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Continue my series about applications… Today about Camera 360. I looove this application. It has a lot of amazing filters and you can do so many things using this application. I highly recommend this application to all Photography Lovers. Out of all photo editor applications it’s my favorite. I use it all the time. And.. it’s FREE…

Here are some photos that were made by me using this application.

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My Favorite iPhone Applications. Instagram.

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My next posts will be about my favorite free applications, abortion mostly photo editors… I use a lot of applications to edit my photos and I would like to share them with you. Today about Instagram.. You already know by now that I love this application and I use it a lot. You can find me there by this link or by my username: SohnBearden . You also can share your photos with me by putting hashtags: #mpbest or #mpfashion (for fashion lovers) on your photos. I always check these hashtags and upload photos that I like to my Facebook and VK pages…

Here some of My Instagram Photos:

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How to draw anything

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I bought this book on sale at “Barnes & Nobles” for just $7. The name of the book: “How to draw anything” and I feel like after I finish this book I will be able to literally draw anything. The book is very descriptive, viagra easy to understand and easy to learn.

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Find your Talent today!


Today I’ll tell you how I became passionate about Art; mainly painting.
I never thought that I could paint or even would paint. It all started last summer when I went to Art school… or maybe it started even before, view in kindergarten, adiposity when the question was presented “Who do you want to be in the future?” I answered: “I want to be a doctor or an artist”. So I didn’t become a doctor…but now becoming an artist (supporting my childhood dream :-)). But even then I don’t know why I answered that way. I never could paint or draw, never in my life. I had a desire sometimes to paint something beautiful, but I never could. In my head everything was so easy, but on the paper I couldn’t draw what I saw. After those unsuccessful tries I decided to forget about art, I thought that one should have talent or a gift to create beautiful paintings and obviously I didn’t have it and I should just move on and do something different. Continue reading “Find your Talent today!”