Our Life in InstaPhotos: October 27 – November 2, 2014


We are currently working on a new outfit video for our family channel… It’s going to be Fall/Winter Lookbook/Outfit ideas for toddlers…  Stay tuned for it, and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, please do to be the first one to watch and to be notified when new videos are up, and to support us!! 🙂

Работаем над новым видео аутфитов (Осенний и зимний лукбук/Аутфит идеи для мальчиков)… Скоро будет на нашем семейном канале... Подписывайтесь, чтобы увидеть его первыми, получать уведомления о новых видео, ну и просто, чтоб поддержать нас!! 🙂

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First Time at Pumpkin Patch

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It’s october, which is pumpkins month: pumpkin lattes, carved pumpkins, pumpkin spice candles and of course…pumpkin patches… This year is my first year when I got to visit a pumpkin patch. This year is my first year to do a lot of things actually…thanks to Christian… 🙂 Remember, I was saying that because of him I’m discovering the world again?! So this is true in this case too… A lot of times I think he is too small for stuff and he won’t be interested in like maybe going to the zoo or children’s parks…and I thought that pumpkin patch won’t be interesting for him too.. But we decided to go anyways, just because pumpkin patch is not all year around thing, plus it’s free if he doesn’t like, it’s not a big deal.. Surprisingly, he liked it, he was touching all the pumpkins, he wanted to eat hay (he is putting everything in his mouth)…  Continue reading “First Time at Pumpkin Patch”

Our Life in InstaPhotos: October 20-26, 2014


This past week was really busy.. Every day we went somewhere..either to the store to get groceries, or to BabiesRUs, pumpkin patch, church, volunteer training, playground, library, dinner with friends… I mean we really did a lot… By the end of the week I was pretty exhausted.. But I want to do so many things with Christian, it’s just so much fun!! He is discovering the world, he’s interested in everything, and the weather is nice… Soon it will be cold and nasty, and I know that I will have to make myself get out of the house and do something…

Another reason why I decided to get out of the house in the mornings is that right now Christian is in the phase when he doesn’t need two naps, but one is not enough.. And when he is in the house he takes only one nap around 12 or 1 pm, but then he gets tired by 6-7 pm, and he doesn’t really want to play or do anything, but it’s too early to put him to bed, and it’s too late to put him for his nap… So when we’re driving somewhere he always falls asleep, and it takes about 15-20 min in average to get to our destination, so it’s like a power nap for him.. If it takes less than 15 min, I just let him sleep in the car a little bit. So this power nap is good for him, it gives him enough energy till 2 pm..sometimes later.. We get home around 1 pm, have lunch, and then I put him for his nap, and he sleeps till 4 pm approximately, and he is in a good mood till it’s time for bed again…

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Family Photoshoot

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We wanted to do a family photoshoot for a while now…since Christian’s birth.. But we either didn’t have time or just didn’t want to spend so much money on this.. (Photo shoots are crazy expensive here in U.S. comparing to prices in my country and then they either give you like 30 photos or you can only choose this many yourself… And photographers in Tashkent give you all photos that they took..If it’s 200, you will get 200..) so it was difficult for me to overcome this difference in prices and etc. But we still needed quality family photos before Christian got too big.. And I definitely didn’t want to regret not having family photos when Christian was just a baby… So we did it.. I found the deal on Groupon, for the price that I was ok to pay… 🙂 And here is the final result 🙂

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Our Life in InstaPhotos: September 29 – October 4, 2014


This photo was taken around 1 am on Saturday night by the club… Yes, club!! I thought my clubbing days were in the past haha… But I guess not… Our friend had a birthday party, so we went to celebrate.. I haven’t been in the club for over 4 years, and that was my first time in the club here in Dallas… We really enjoyed our time, but I can tell that I’m getting older.. I remember before I could party till 5-6 am on Fridays, and then repeat it on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, and I felt great the next day… This time I was in bed at 3 am, and Christian decided to wake up at 5:30 am, so I was up of course, because no one cancelled my mommy’s duties 🙂 We missed church on Sunday, and the whole day were just sleepy..I’m not complaining though, we had a great time !! 🙂  Continue reading “Our Life in InstaPhotos: September 29 — October 4, 2014”

Our Life in InstaPhotos: September 22 – 28, 2014


Found a little time to update my blog… This photo was actually taken 2 months ago, but I’m not sure why I never posted it here on my blog… I was taking it for Christian’s birthday party invitation.. And I probably snapped like 50 photos, it was difficult to capture him, because he’s just moving so much… But we finally did it!! And birthday invitation turned out really cute.. (I’ll make a separate post about all our preparations)..

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Our Life In InstaPhotos: September 8 – 21, 2014


I’m loving my life right now…I love million things that I’m doing..And I love my little family and us as a family, our little traditions, our team work and all the things that we do together and separate.. I go through the same stages in my life when first it’s busy busy busy, and then I just want a little quiet time and time for myself, but then I dive into hectic life again.. And I don’t know which one I love more..but whenever I have one or the other I make sure I enjoy it and make the most of it…

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