Talents and gifts


I know I’ve talked about it couple of times already, but this time I decided to make a video and I created a YouTube channel to motivate and encourage you guys, because I know that are many people out there who need support and encouragement, but yet don’t have people in their life who can give it to them..

So here’s my first video on how to find talents within yourself…

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Best Posts of 2012…

Everything else, Thoughts

Today is the end of 2012… It wasn’t the easiest year, but it was definitely a year of discoveries, personal growth, new friends and new opportunities.. And as I look at the whole year, I realize that a lof of things were done, learned and shared. Even though sometimes we think we don’t move anywhere, and it seems that we are the same, at the end of the year we all realize that we are a little bit different…and we’re moving..slow or fast..we’re moving…And I wish all of you in a new coming year move in the right direction, always learn, always be open-minded and love love love…love yourself, love your neighbor <3 I Love you guys!! Happy New Year!

And here are my personally loved posts of this year:

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Motivation, Inspiration, Encouragement

Everything else, Thoughts

There is always time when we feel like nothing changes, things don’t go any better, we’re afraid to make plans, afraid for our future, because it doesn’t seem bright; we’re disappointed, upset, tired of doing the same thing over and over and not getting results… And when we go through all that, we need someone or something to inspire or motivate us, to give us strength, hope, faith… we need a breakthrough. Personally for me the motivation comes either when I hear or read the Word of God, when I listen Joseph Prince’s preachings or when I read some motivational quotes (and I want to share some of the quotes that I found on Pinterest with you guys)…and of course, Daniel always encourages me… we are trying to encourage each other and always think only positive, even during our darkest time… And I want to encourage everyone, who is going through difficult times right now to read good books, listen to good music, watch happy movies, motivate others, do what you have to do in order to get what you want to get and never, never, never give up… And if you persevere I promise you that everything will be just fine, you will get results you need and you will be proud  pleased with what you did and very thankful for everything (someone told me one time “never say PROUD , we are humble people”..since then I never do) 🙂

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I Love You So Much


Today is July 17th 2012, and it is one year from the day my cousin passed away. That was the most terrible day in my life, and my entire family’s life.

Sometimes I think that it happened just recently, other times it seems that it was a long time ago. But, anyway, I remember everything as if it was yesterday. There was not one day when I didn’t think about Vova, even when I’m sleeping I’m thinking about him: where is he, what is he doing, what is he thinking about.

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Joseph Prince


Hi guys! I wanted to write this post several days ago, but everyday I was putting it off, but today I decided to finally do it 🙂 I just wanted to share with you guys what we were up to these days… We’ve been through some difficulties last year and this year…and only this last week I started to feel myself a little bit better, less stressed, having less negative thoughts. I was studying bible a lot, was trying to be more disciplined in this area and meditate on the Word of God every day, at least for 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t that easy, because my thoughts were always trying to take me somewhere else:

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Today’s thoughts


Today I understood how important it is to be happy and thankful for everything you have. I know that it can sound like a cliché, but I really think that this is how each of us should live. What happened today reminded me about this. Why do I say “reminded”?! Because I knew this, I always knew that you should be thankful, joyful and appreciative, but often times I forgot about it… when days don’t differ from each other, when every day is just another routine, with all these grey boring days, almost depressing thoughts about something wrong, or something not the way I want it to be are coming in to my head. Not everything in life happens the way we want it, but I believe that everything that’s happening is for the best (another true cliché), and maybe that’s not always understandable for us, but this is how it is. So, what happened today?

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