I’m sick :-(


I haven’t updated my blog for about a week now.. That’s because of my wisdom liar tooth.. It’s a liar because it doesn’t bring me any wisdom whatsoever .. But just pain, pain, a lot of pain…
I’m thinking every day that I should add a new post and everyday I’m hoping that tomorrow I would feel better, but no.. Then I decided at least to write a little note to remind you guys that I’m still alive.
So, my dear readers, don’t forget about me… leave comments, ask questions..
My next post will be about my recent purchases, the book which teaches me how to draw, recipes and how to care for your face skin in the mornings…

Давно не обновляла свой блог, а это все зуб мудрости-гад и обманщик виноват.. Гад, потому что проблем много доставляет, а обманщик, потому что мудрости ни капли не прибавляет, а только боль…

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My very First Post


So, my first post … I don’t know why I didn’t decide to blog earlier… Had ideas but always did something else. I was writing for different websites and companies (and often about something I didn’t care about). And recently I started to think: “Why should I write for someone else, when I could be writing for myself?” I was thinking that LIFE is too short to spend it on what you don’t like, but I couldn’t figure out what I can do and how I can combine all of the things I enjoy and love in one. And at that moment the idea of blogging came into my mind. So I decided to BLOG. In my blog you will find everything about

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