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Hey guys, I haven’t shared anything family related on the blog in a while.. I’m getting back to vlogging, so pretty soon our weekly vlogs will be more regular and up to date 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to our Family Channel.. 

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First Time at Pumpkin Patch

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It’s october, which is pumpkins month: pumpkin lattes, carved pumpkins, pumpkin spice candles and of course…pumpkin patches… This year is my first year when I got to visit a pumpkin patch. This year is my first year to do a lot of things actually…thanks to Christian… 🙂 Remember, I was saying that because of him I’m discovering the world again?! So this is true in this case too… A lot of times I think he is too small for stuff and he won’t be interested in like maybe going to the zoo or children’s parks…and I thought that pumpkin patch won’t be interesting for him too.. But we decided to go anyways, just because pumpkin patch is not all year around thing, plus it’s free if he doesn’t like, it’s not a big deal.. Surprisingly, he liked it, he was touching all the pumpkins, he wanted to eat hay (he is putting everything in his mouth)…  Continue reading “First Time at Pumpkin Patch”

The Ark, Coppell Texas

Dallas, Texas

It’s so hot here in Dallas, that it became impossible to take your kiddo to the park or outside playground. Thank God for indoor playgrounds. Last week me and my girlfriend took our babies and went to the Ark (in Copell). The playground itself is at the Grace Point Church and is opened all year around (time and other details see here).

They have 2 playgrounds: 1 for older kids and 1 for babies (up to 3-4 years old). Babies playground is baby proof, there are 2 small slides, a lot of big (yoga like) balls, soft blocks to sit, lean or play with.. It’s not allowed to be there with your shoes on, because there a lot of babies who are just crawling and touching everything. Also, the best time to come is probably 12 pm or so.. We were there in the morning, and there were a lot of kids, and everyone was running around, playing and were just being kids basically, so we had to really watch our babies.. Especially me, because Christian is only 9 months and crawling, but he can’t walk just yet or run, so kids could easily step on him or something But by 12 pm most of people were gone and it was much nicer then. Continue reading “The Ark, Coppell Texas”

Ssam Korean BBQ & Shabu Shabu

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Ok, so Korean food is my favorite food..and one of Daniel’s favorite cuisine as well. When we don’t know where to go to eat, we go there. Most of the times we go to this specific restaurant – Ssam BBQ & Shabu Shabu and a lot of times we order the same: kimchtige and LA kalbi.. If you like spice, you would like this soup. And I think everyone would love LA kalbi (short ribs in kalbi sauce).  Continue reading “Ssam Korean BBQ & Shabu Shabu”

Lunch at Kona Grill

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I recently thought why not to write about the places that we normally go, visit or eat in?! I think it will be very interesting especially for people who live in Dallas, or recently moved, or just visiting.. And so here’s my first post. Recently we went to North Park mall (love it..for nursing rooms that they have there :-)) to do a little shopping. And when we go to North Park mall we always eat at Kona Grill. Love their rolls and sushi..especially when it’s happy hour. (Here you can find happy hour time, phone number and location).

We were very, very, very hungry. So we ordered: tacos (1 with chicken and 1 with catfish), cheeseburger sliders, bama rolls, and voodoo rolls.  Continue reading “Lunch at Kona Grill”