David Turned One

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I am 3 months late with this post, but it’s better late than never, right?! My life has been very hectic lately (but again, when is it not?), I got my real estate license, Christian turned 3, my parents are visiting and I’m trying to spend all my time with them and the kids. But even though David turned one 3 months ago I still wanted to upload this post along with the video that I edited for him. 


He’s grown so much and is already starting to talk. He knows what he wants, he is kinda stubborn, and he loves to eat! 


David started to walk independently at 14.5 weeks, he swims for 8 seconds, and he loves food!!


This little boy (well, maybe not so little) loves to pet and hug Bonnie Boo, he loves watching squirrels run in our backyard, and he will never refuse food (oh, I already mentioned it LOL).


We just absolutely love and adore him <3

xo JANE xo

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Christian’s First Birthday Party (Photos and Video)

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Finally collected all the photos from people who attended Christian’s birthday party, and took photos.. We didn’t hire photographer and videographer, because they’re ridiculously expensive here, as I was saying before. I’ll do a separate post about all the supplies and where I got them from… But for now I just want to share couple of photos and video from that day… Continue reading “Christian’s First Birthday Party (Photos and Video)”

Happy Birthday, Sasha!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, hospital Sasha! We wish you many blessings, discount happiness, cialis lots of love, lots of kids 🙂 And we hope we will see you, your beautiful wife and … 🙂 very very soon…

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Happy Birthday, Alesya!!! <3

Happy Birthday!!!

So.. my girlfriend has a bday today…. She caught up with me haha..she turned 25… Now, we are the same age and she won’t be able to tease me anymore until my next bday 🙂

I really hate the fact that all 4 of us in 4 different countries 🙁 It makes me sad… It would be so much nicer and easier if we lived closer to each other… But hopefully, one day….

Anyways, I congratulate you with your birthday, my dear!!! And wish you all the best… and I hope we will see you somewhere on the beach this year… and my number 13 on the plan that I created will be accomplished 🙂

And here is a little gift for you!! Hope you’ll enjoy it… :-* Thank you for this song, that your sang at our wedding…

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Happy Birthday, Ilyusha!

Happy Birthday!!!

So, today is my brother’s birthday!!!! And he is… 29… I can’t believe it… 29 is almost 30… 🙂 I don’t know why, but for me such dates like 20, 30, 40 etc. always symbolize the beginning of new life, adult life… When I was 10 I though that soon I would be 20, and everything would be different.. But nothing changed so much… When I was 20 I thought that soon I would be 30 and I would definitely be different…I don’t know what I really mean, but I always have this feeling that soon everything will be not like it is now… Is it only me?? Anyways… My brother is 29 .. it means that my 30 is coming soon… 🙂

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25 things to do before I turn 26

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I know that I didn’t post anything for a loooong time… I’m back in America and I’m soooo tired after 30 hours flight… So today I made myself finally open the computer and return to my readers. And I do it on my birthday… Yeah I’m getting older 🙂 Today I’m 25 and I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26. And as you all know my list I will have to work hard to do all of those things, so wish me good luck!!! 😉

Я знаю, что тааак давно ничего не писала. Мы вернулись в Штаты недавно, и я чувствую себя такой уставшей после 30-часового перелета, все никак не могу адаптироваться. Но сегодня я все же заставила себя сесть за компьютер и вернуться к моим читателям. И делаю я это в свой день рождения.. Сегодня мне 25.. Да, да я старею 🙂

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