Happy Birthday, Katya!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Katya!! Let this year and all other years be very successful, blessed and joyful. Think only about happiness which is waiting for you and meditate only on good things, and this is how it will be. Even though we are far away, we are still very close to you 😉 Continue to be as strong and beautiful as you have always been and don’t lose that sweet spirit and heart that you have…

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

I love you so much and can’t wait to see you and mom, and whole family again!!!

Be healthy and live long long long and happy life…… 🙂

You did and are still doing so much for your family and we really appreciate it. Without you and mom there wouldn’t be me in this world, I wouldn’t be as I am right now and I wouldn’t have the life that I have. So I’m very happy girl!!! 🙂

I know that you miss me very much, I miss you too!!

Love you, kiss you, MY FATHER (haha) :-*

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Happy Birthday, Nastya

Happy Birthday!!!

I’m happy that we met.. and maybe we didn’t like each other at the beginning, but now we’re in love haha 🙂 I really think that one of my happiest day in life is the day I met you guys… 8 years ago… can you imagine??! 8 years…it seems like it was jus recently..Crazy 🙂

Anyways, Happy Birthday to you, my dear girl!! I miss you very much .. Love you…


С Днем Рождения, Настена!! Я очень тебя люблю и желаю всего самого лучшего, пусть все сбудутся все твои мечты, а они обязательно сбудутся (у них просто нет выбора) 🙂

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Happy Birthday, Yulya!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Yulek! I wish you, i.e. you guys (as your half is already with you) love and happiness, a house filled with children’s laughter and mutual understanding. I also hope that you can make it to Tashkent, that way we could see each other.. That would be great!! So.. anyway, Happy Birthday, my sister (I prefer sister instead of cousin)!! 🙂 And i will call you later, it’s a pity though that I can’t just come to you 🙁 Love you, miss you and kiss you :-* <3<3<3

Юлек, я поздравляю тебя с Днем Рождения!!

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Happy Birthday Jani Jumabaeva!!

Happy Birthday!!!

So, today my girlfriend has a birthday!!! We met in Beijing in 2009, we were studying at one university, living in one dorm. For those 1.5 years we became so close, like sisters. But now I’m in USA and she is in China. However, we are still keeping in touch. It’s nice to know that you can meet someone from a different country in a different country,become so close that even after you go back to your home town the friendship remains. This is a very good feeling, mmm a bit incomprehensible, but a very warming feeling … 🙂Jani

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Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday!!

Unfortunately, I can’t celebrate it with her and my family, but hopefully I will see them soon!

My mom doesn’t read my blog 🙂 That’s why I won’t say much in this post. But I just want to thank my parents for everything they’ve done to me. I love them very much!! And I want to thank God for my parents! I couldn’t ask for better!!! I love you very much!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Сегодня день рождения моей мамы!

Жаль, что я не могу отпраздновать этот день с ней и с моей семьей!

Но я, надеюсь, увидеть всех в скором времени!

Моя мама не читает мой блог 🙂 , так что не буду писать мои поздравления здесь. Просто хочу сказать, что я ее очень люблю и очень скучаю. Я очень благодарна своим родителям за все, что они мне дали и за все, чему они меня научили.. И я благодарна Богу за то, что он мне дал таких родителей!!!

Я вас очень люблю!!!

My parents
My parents!!

xo JANE xo

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Happy Birthday, Tanya!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Tanyusha!! You are 18 !!! But you are still my little cousin.. I think even when you are 30, you will be my little little cousin 🙂
I don’t know when children are considered to be adults.. at 18 or 21?  earlier or later? when they are married or when they get their first job? I don’t know.. But let’s consider that you are on that stage… And so, I hope you will learn as quickly as possible how to make choices you can live with and do what you like to do.

That way you will be happy and love life!!

I’m glad that I have you in my life!!

I love you very much!! And I hope to see you soon!! Very very soon!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Сестреночка моя, Танюшка, я поздравляю тебя с 18-летием! Уже 18 лет… кажется, так много 🙂 , но на самом деле только начало взрослой жизни… Для меня, для всех твоих братьев и сестер, ты скорее всего всегда останешься младшей сестренкой!!

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