First Trimester Of Pregnancy…


So..My first trimester is over and thank God 🙂 It wasn’t as bas as some women have, but it definitely wasn’t good… The good thing is that after morning sickness and all those bad symptoms are behind you easily forget about them, even though at the moment of all those symptoms it seems like you will never forget and it will never be over.. I had such thoughts, I remember I was saying something like: “When will I be able to normally eat? When will this be over?” or “I feel it will never end”.. And I really did feel that way… Continue reading “First Trimester Of Pregnancy…”

Secret Revealed…


Secret revealed, and yes, we are expecting..our first baby.. We’re so happy and excited..

It’s official now and everyone knows about my pregnancy, now I can freely talk and blog about it… We waited till I’m on my second trimester to tell everyone.. Not because we’re superstitious, but just because the first trimester is more risky and in case of miscarriage we wouldn’t have to uncall pregnancy and tell everyone about it.. And even though there some risks in the second trimester as well it’s still much safer.. So that was kind of our thinking… I won’t lie, when we found out that I was pregnant, we wanted to tell everyone about this great news, but we were paitently waiting till the right moment 🙂

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