Tashkent Restaurants

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A little bit about food and restaurants in Tashkent…

I love love love Uzbek/Russian/Korean food in Tashkent… I loved my breakfasts in Tashkent, loved my lunches, snacks and dinners… I come to US and in several weeks I start to crave “my” food… And when I’m cooking “my” food here, in my american kitchen, it’s still different than in Tashkent 🙁

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Hello Tashkent!!


Finally this day came… 🙂 We will do our 30 hours trip…. It doesn’t sound so exciting, but it’s nothing in comparison with that joy we are experiencing right now… I will finally see my family and friends 🙂 You can’t even imagine how happy I am… 🙂

I will update my blog as often as possible, but most likely I will be more often on Twitter and Instagram… You can find me there: @SohnBearden

And wish us Good Luck on our trip! 🙂


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Celebrating 4th of July



It was my first real celebration of American Independence Day and I had sooo much fun… Daniel and I went to see fireworks and they were soo beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t have even one good photo of fireworks… It was difficult to capture them 🙁 We also spent time on the lake in Tyler (which is 2 hours from Dallas) with Daniel’s mom (Sally), brother (Travis), Travis’ wife (Lindsey) and Lindsey’s family. It was such a hot day, we were swimming, eating, having fun, and by the end of the day our bodies were red and hurt, even though we used sunscreen. I think that was the first time it ever happened to me, but for me it definitely worth it…we had a really good time… We want to thank Lindsey’s parents for boat, jetski, food and good time… And how did you celebrate 4th of July? 🙂

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Exciting News


On July 12th Daniel and I are going to my hometown (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). We will spend couple of weeks with my family, also my uncle, aunt and cousin are coming, so I’m pretty excited. And of course, there will be  gooood and delicious fooood… 🙂 I will come back with a lot of photos for you guys and of course I will update my blog as often as I can 😉

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2010 FIFA World Cup


So, I was watching Euro 2012 today (Portugal – Spain)… After 2 hours them playing and me watching, after penalties, after all my fear, excitement, wet hands and etc , Spain finally won 🙂

During soccer games I always think about Beijing and my girlfriends, how we used to go to bars and watch World Cup in 2010. It was like 1 – 2 am, and we had exams in the mornings, but nothing could stop us 🙂

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