Silk Market in Beijing


As I was saying earlier; in China everyone negotiates. Sometimes you will have to spend 30 minutes just to buy one thing you like at a price you want, purchase but even after that you feel deceived.

In Beijing there is a market called Silk Market, shop where you can buy everything from accessories to luggage, cialis you can even have clothes sewn for you. Here tourists from all over the world are brought for shopping.

The vendors here speak all of the popular languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, German and, of course, Chinese. Every educated person should envy this and even aspire to know so many languages.:-) They not only know several words on those languages, but they can also negotiate with you in your native language 🙂

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Yabaolu. Russian District in Beijing


My first months in China were not the easiest… It was a huge transition for me, plus I was homesick. Right about that time I found out that there was a “Russian District” in Beijing, known as “Yabaolu”, where everyone spoke Russian, there were many place to meet other Russians. There was even a Russian club was even visited by many different Russian celebrities. We were so happy to hear about such a place that my girlfriend and I actually ran there… literally haha :-). We imagined a quiet and rich area, where a majority of the people living there would be Russian speaking and not Chinese and where you could completely disengage from the whole fuss of the day-to-day ways of the Chinese culture. We imagined an area with beautiful buildings and Russian culture.

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World Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing


Recently in my archive I found photos taken at the Chocolate park in Beijing and I thought that maybe someone will be interested in seeing exhibits made of chocolate and candies. $10, and 000, shop 000 and 80 tons of chocolate were spent to build this park. Visitors of this chocolate museum had an opportunity to see 12 meters of the Chinese Great Wall, 500 chocolate soldiers, which became the prototypes of the clay army which were found in the tomb of Qin Shihuang, the BMW car was made in a life-size, as well as furniture, clothes and shoes.

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