Madonna & Co.


I recently discovered Madonna & Co online store (they also have a boutique in SoHo New York)…and let me tell you…as soon as you open the first page of the website you realize that you found something unusual, viagra sale something special and something luxurious.. All the clothes and accessories are meant to be worn by someone who creates fashion, viagra not who follows it, cost by someone who stands out of the crowd, someone unique and special… Continue reading “Madonna & Co.”

Review:Tungsten Ring by ModernDesign Inc…


Today let’s talk a little bit about jewelry (who doesn’t like jewelry, right?).. I recently discovered Modern Design Inc. They are located in downtown Los Angeles, established since 1978 and offer a good variety of jewelry from bracelets and earrings to engagement rings and wedding bands…

This Tungsten Ring ↓ was sent to me by Modern Design Inc. and it looks too manly at first sight.. Continue reading “Review:Tungsten Ring by ModernDesign Inc…”

Get The Look | Nicole Scherzinger


I can’t believe I forgot about her.. I absolutely adore her… She always looks so great, and her hair ahh… so gorgeous… I was choosing the look to show you guys, and I just couldn’t decide on which one I want to show, because they are all so beautiful… but at the end I decided to choose this specific look, because it’s so springish/summerish and perfect for a date or night out, and you don’t have to be a celebrity and walk on the red carpet to wear it… I also believe that such dress will make anyone look amazing.. I personally love backless dresses, I’m kind of obsessed with such dresses or such shirts… I also love shirts that fall out of shoulders, but more about it in my other post 😉

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