Just a round up of our favorite photos and videos that were taken in 2015. It’s hard to describe this year in one word, 2015 was filled with so many emotions and events: it was very difficult, but it was also joyful, it was sad, and it was happy, we had our second son, and we lost our grandmothers, we met new amazing people and new friends; my parents and my cousin visited us…just so many things happened, but there were definitely more good than bad..or am I just being positive? 🙂 LOL… Anyways, here are our best moments and memories of 2015..

1. Valentine’s Day and I’m 14 weeks pregnant.. Looking at this picture, I can’t wait for warm weather to finally be here, even though this winter is pretty warm, so I won’t complain too much! 🙂
3. I love this photo..we’re so natural there. I remember that day.. It was taken after one of our few dates that we had this year.. 🙂
4. The day we found out the gender … <3..
5. The day we dedicated Christian to God…
6. Great time with my cousin Alex, who came to visit us from Canada. I just hate that we all got sick during his stay which was short anyways 🙁 But I hope we’ll see him again, and we will really have a great time!
7. Christian and his friend Kian.. At this age they are finally learning how to play together, and I can’t wait for many more playdates and just see them grow and develop!! <3
7. My growing belly.. 32 weeks pregnant!!Ahhh, almost there!!! 🙂
8. 4th of July Party (video)
9. This picture of Christian shows his real personality. He’s not as serious as people think he is 🙂
10. Christian is swimming under water (video). Christian started his swim classes when he was 15 months old. He progressed really fast, in 6 months he could already swim 10 seconds by himself, and when he was 22 months old he graduated from Waterbabies to Superwaterbabies.. I’m glad he started his swim lessons. And, of course, seeing all the benefits of swim classes and how much Christian enjoys swimming, we enrolled David as well.. He will be 5 months old in January, and he will be my little Waterbaby then 🙂
11. Christian’s First JCPenney Ad. Many of you know that Christian started to model last year, but we didn’t really have success on photo shoots until recently. Christian is just a very analytical person (just like his mommy :-)), and he needs time to observe the situation and people before he starts smiling and all that stuff. But on these kind of photo shoots they move quickly, just in and out..lol… And Christian get anxious if he doesn’t see his parents, or in unknown situations when he doesn’t know what to expect.. But lately he’s been much better in this modeling stuff.. 🙂
12. Baby David was born on August 17, 2015 . 7.11 lbs, 20.5 inches at 7:24 am! <3
13. My love, my husband, my best friend (video). Thankful for my husband, who is so loving, kind, and always positive!!
14. These two are just so adorable!!!
15. Surprise Sip’n’See Party (video). We didn’t have baby shower for David. But our friends made us a surprise party to welcome baby David home!! It was so nice of them!! (P.S. Mary, if you’re reading this, know that I love you, amiga! <3)
16. Christian meets his baby brother (video). Click here to watch a full video (fast forward to 7:42, if you don’t want to see my labor..haha)
17. Such cute friends!! <3 Absolutely love this photo of Christian and his friend Travis!!<3<3<3
18. Christian loves animals so much <3
19. BROTHERS!! <3 Christian is seriously such a good brother.. He is not jealous, and he is very caring & loving towards David. David is probably the only person who Christian never refuses to kiss or hug.. And I pray every day that their brotherly love will last forever and they will be best friends throughout their lives.
20. With my awesome girlfriends!! <3 It’s hard to move to a new place where you absolutely don’t have any friends..it’s just tough.. But then I met these two, and life is great again!! <3
21. Celebrating Christian’s Second Year Birthday at Klyde Warren Park with friends and family.
22. Christian’s Second Year Birthday Celebration at home. He didn’t care much for the cake, but he was making us light that candle over and over again, because he had fun to blow it 🙂
23. Can’t stop watching this video.. The amount of love this kid is able to give…it just fills my heart every time I watch this <3<3<3
24. With my parents at LA Burger. It was a blessing having them here in Dallas… Hopefully they will move here permanently one day!!!
25. I can’t describe how much I love this boy!! <3
26. The best moment of motherhood !!!
27. David is 2.5 months old <3
28. Christian is sharing his love for books with David 🙂 <3
29. I still can’t believe that I’m a Mommy of Two Sons.. I’m forever thankful to God for such a gift!!! <3
30. David is 3.5 months old…
31. Celebrating Daniel’s Birthday with friends!! We’ve got some bad news on that day, and weren’t in a good mood, but what amazes me is how the support and just being surrounded with amazing, positive people can turn everything around. We ended up having great time!
32. No comments…just in love <3<3<3
33. I always said it, and I will say it again: “Nothing on Earth can replace what I have right now – this family right here… Well, what will make it even more perfect is if we have a daughter :-)” haha… But seriously, I love my family, and even though there are difficult days, tantrums, crying, disciplining, sleepless nights and etc., there wasn’t a day or moment when I regretted having a family!!! <3
34. And my Dear Readers, thank you for being a part of my life! I know that last several months I wasn’t blogging a lot.. I guess I needed time to recharge, and just to be a wife and a mommy, get into the routine and learn how to manage two kids and not be overwhelmed!! But I’ll be back on track in New Year, in fact, keep blogging is one of my New Year Resolutions (I’ll post the list of my resolutions in the next blog post, which will be up on January 1, 2016..don’t forget to check back)!!
Please, share your best moments of 2015 with me!! 
xo JANE xo

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