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I’m always looking for some unique and original gifts for my husband because I want to avoid cliche gifts like shaving creams, belts, ties, watches, and colognes etc. Nothing wrong with these kinds of gifts, but there is no surprise factor to them. I also know how stressful it can be to find a gift right before a Big Day, so I learned to listen to people and figure out way in advance what they like and what they get excited about, what their dreams are and etc. that way it becomes much easier to get a gift that they will actually like and use.

Here I just made a list of gifts that I think are just different and unique in a way, and I tried to keep in mind different age, different personalities and hobbies while creating it. I hope a man in your life whether it’s a husband, father, brother, boyfriend, uncle etc will appreciate a gift that you choose for them even if it’s just a handmade card (BTW, handmade gifts are the best.. I think so :-)) Also, let me know if you want to see handmade gift ideas!! 🙂

  1. A Flight Lesson


All boys dream about being a firefighter, a policeman or a pilot, so if your man’s dream was to be a pilot, but for some reason it didn’t come true, this gift would be perfect for him. I got it as a Christmas gift for my husband, and he loved it. It’s a 1 hands-on flight lesson. And I got it on Groupon. Not sure if they still have it, but you can google flight schools in your area and talk to them, I’m sure they offer something like this.

2. Speaking of planes, here’s a great gift for people who travel a lot: Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack. All of us know how frustrating checkpoints and passport control are when you have to take all your electronics out of your bag, and then put it all back in again. With this backpack you  won’t have to do it:

laptop backpack-livingwithjane

  • Laptop compartment: 11.00 x 1.50 x 16.50 inch
  • Adjustable Laptop Pocket for 13-Inch to 17.3-Inch Devices
  • Checkpoint Friendly Design
  • Trolley Handle Pass-Through Strap
  • Felt-Lined iPad/Kindle/Tablet Pocket
  • Quick-Access Magazine/Newspaper Pocket
  • Spacious, Well-Organized Compartments
  • 5-Point Balance Strap System

I got this backpack last year for Daniel and he absolutely loved it. He still uses it all the time 🙂

Now, the gifts for men who love to cook 🙂

3. Smoking Gun

smoking gun-livingiwthjane


  • Quickly and effortlessly infuse food and drinks with natural smoky flavors with The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker
  • The Smoking Gun offers an alternative to traditional smoking methods
  • Simply fill the Smoking Gun chamber with your choice of combustible, turn it on, light and apply cool smoke where you’d like it
  • Includes: The Smoking Gun, acrylic stand, 18-inch nozzle extender hose, four AA batteries and two.5-ounce wood chip samples
  • Works on various types of wood chips, teas, herbs, spices and even hay and dried flowers

4. Nonstick BBQ grill mats


  • Multi-Purpose – Can be used for indirect cooking on Gas, Electric and Charcoal Grill
  • Keeps food from touching grates of falling through.
  • Allows for grill marks and grill taste
  • Set of 2 (15.75 X 13 inches) Mats.
  • Thick and Durable

5. Cooking Course. It can be either online or at the school. I think this one is really fun. I got an online “World of Taste” cooking class for Daniel as well since he’s very interested in different types of cuisine.

For car owners.. The following gifts are actually unisex, and they are useful both for men and women.

6. Battery Jumper 


This is a MUST-HAVE for man or women to have in their car… Well, because things happen when you’re on a road.

  • Powerful jump starter to safely jump start a dead battery in seconds. Supports fast charging. Low self-discharge.Up to 1000 cycles. Be sure to pack this when you go camping, picnicking or go on any outdoor adventure.
  • Ultra-portable ~ Portable, compact, lightweight design that will easily fit in your backpack, or glove box for convenience. Help car start by a simple clip and no need to disconnect the original car battery. Compact size but high power.
  • Ultra-safe and error-proof ~ offers spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which allows it to safely connect to any battery.Multiple safety design ensures jump starter is mistake-proof.
  • Find your way safely after dark ~ thanks to the built-in LED that functions as a flashlight and can send out SOS distress signals. It is the ideal choice for night shift workers, overtime workers, and many others.
  • Recharge your USB and other devices on the go ~ charges mobile phones, Sony PSP, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, notebooks, car refrigerators and other compatible appliances.

7. Windshield frost cover


For those cold snowy days. You won’t need to scrape that frost and snow from your windshield anymore!!!

  • ANY VEHICLE – Two available sizes that will fit 99% of vehicles. The Standard size is designed for cars while the Large size fits trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Save time and fuel costs by no longer having to defrost your vehicle. Instead, free your windshield from snow, ice, and frost instantly!
  • PREMIUM FEATURES – Magnetic edges protect from wind dislodging the device while anti-theft, double stitched door flaps ensure a secure fit that won’t tear or come loose
  • WIPERS AND WINDSHIELD BOTH – Apex Automotive’s extra long design allows for both the windshield AND the windshield wipers to be completely covered, allowing you to just jump in and drive after cover removal!

8. Roadside Assistance Kit (66 pcs)


The Top Gear Premium Roadside kit is filled with items that are essential for any vehicle. The high-quality Battery Booster Cables will get your car back on the road in no time. The 14 function multi-tool takes the place of many common tools and allows space for many additional items. The kit also contains a warning triangle, electrical tape, cotton work gloves, a mini first aid kit, and many other items

Fun Gifts

9. YOLO Book


‘You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough.’ – Mae West

You Only Live Once will inspire readers of all ages to seize the moment, channel their inner hero, explore the world, create moments they will celebrate for years to come, and share their incredible stories. Providing suggestions for life’s essential experiences for every stage of life, this eclectic gift book is the perfect manual for a life well-lived.

10. Racing Set


  • THE MOST REALISTIC RACING – outside of a real car on a real track
  • NO SLOTS, NO LANES – overtake anywhere on track with ‘Ackerman’ style steering
  • THE BEST OF ALL 3! – said Pistonheads (referring to Video games, Slot racers and R/C)
  • REALISTIC RACE PLAY & HAZARDS – overtake anywhere on track, oil spills, lap times, mechanical failures, tire blow outs and more
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – helps you stay on the track
  • BATTERY SYSTEM LASTS LONGER – compared with other systems (Real FX = Over 4 hours!)
  • SINGLE OR MULTI-PLAYER ACTION! – switch your second car into Ai pace car mode for single player race duels

11. V-MODA Noise-Isolating Headphones


  • 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers provide deep vibrant bass, organic mid-range, and high-end clarity
  • Memory foam ear cushions reduce ambient noise and enable a low bass response
  • Lightweight metal construction lets you listen to your favorite music comfortably for hours
  • Steel frame, flexible memory headband, and detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables for serious durability
  • Includes hard exoskeleton carry case, 69-inch Kevlar-reinforced audio cable, remote/mic cable for compatible devices
  • Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs), Fully-adjustable Speed and Intensity, High-Frequency stimulation to relieve pain
  • 4 Attachment pads included. Power: DC 6V (4 AAA batteries included)
  • Best unit for Stress, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain. The Simplest Tens Pulse Massager Is Also the Most Advanced
  • LCD shows massage style, intensity, and time remaining; Three selectable massages.

13. 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera


  • 360 Degree Spherical Panorama images, dedicated viewing apps available for download
  • Spherical Videos up to 3 minutes in duration
  • Video tool in app allows changes to size, shape, and composition
  • Upload videos (up to 5MB) to or share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
  • Fast Wi-Fi transfer, wireless sharing, equipped with an SDK – allows users to develop their own APPs

14. TILE – Phone finder, key finder, item finder. Don’t lose anything ever again.


  • Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds your phone, keys, and anything you don’t want to lose
  • Attach a Tile to an item and locate it by sound, by seeing its last known location on a map, or by marking it as “lost” and getting an alert when it’s found.
  • Find your phone! Simply press Tile to make your lost phone ring-even if it’s on silent.
  • Keep track of phones, tablets, keys, wallets, luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, remote controls, kids toys, and more.
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