I’m finally posting before and after photos of our house makeover!!

We’ve recently moved to our new house and still in the process of unpacking the boxes (can’t wait to be done with that). We bought the house in February and we fell in love with it at first glance. We love everything about it: the layout, the size of the rooms, the fact that it’s a one-story house, and it has everything we want our perfect house to have including the backyard and of course, the pool (it’s Texas for God’s sake :-)).

It’s our first family house and first time to do any kind of remodeling. We were very excited to begin the process and to choose the paint colors, tile, appliances etc. It was very fun (more fun at the beginning than at the end lol), but it was also very overwhelming at the same time…we even had to choose the color of the grout (yes, I didn’t even think there were so many options of grout colors :-)).

We made all of our choices and then I began to worry if it would look good when it was all set and done. I didn’t want to pay more just to change and redo something that I chose myself at the first place.

Even though we wanted our house to look beautiful we were also trying to make practical choices like we made an office room instead of having a formal dining room because we need an office space since I work from home, and we can always have big dinners in the kitchen area.

Here are several Before and After photos. And below you will also find a Before/After Video + the fun process of remodeling.




This is the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are real wood, so we decided to just paint them white instead of completely changing them since the quality is really good. We changed the floors, countertops, backsplash, sink and appliances.








Living room.







Master bathroom. We completely remodeled the master bathroom, broke down the walls, put a bath tub in. (You can see it better in the video ↓)



Guest bedroom. Probably my favorite paint color out of all colors in the house.

P.S. We have 7 paint colors in the house… Is it a lot?? We keep hearing that it’s a lot LOL… But we really like it actually. We used pastel calm colors, (except for Christian’s room)and they compliment each other. Christian’s room is bright blue though. We were thinking to repaint it, but we decided to leave it as is since it is kid’s room and it’s okay for it to be bright.





Guest bathroom. Here we also broke down the wall, made it look bigger and more open, painted the cabinets, changed the floor and walls tile.



Half bath.

Here’s the Before and After Video:

So what do you think?

Our next project is to finish the office area: get a couple of tables and bookshelves, it will also be my closet and makeup room (that’s an idea!).

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!! More photos and videos are coming soon!

P.S. Huge thanks to the crew that made our house look so amazing and for their hard work!! (Message me for referrals if you’re in DFW. They’re the best in what they do!)

xo JANE xo

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