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Here's the story: Significant health treatment, excellent employer insurance coverage, except for one medication. My US MD recommends . The generic medication arrives from Health One Pharmacy in Richmond BC earlier than predicted. It's from a reliable American manufacturer. The discount? It's 85 percent off the retail price at Walgreens / Duane Reade.TIP: My access to is blocked somehow from my home Internet connection. Is that my ISP doing that? I'm uncertain, but if you get weird error messages when you are accessing the site, try another Internet connection, like you're mobile telephone, or a coffee shop.

I have been dealing with them for at least five years, occasionally successfully, which is why I am giving them two stars instead of one. But if I were you, I would subtract one of those stars.Problems in the past: a prescription needs a refill, but this is not communicated to me in any way. So I wait a week or two, then ask what's the problem, and they say -- you need a doctor's refill. ESP is called for, I guess.Another problem: they cannot reach the doctor for the refill, if they are even showing enough initiative to try on their own. But they don't tell me they can't reach the doctor, so I wait, wait, wait...Another problem: I successfully fax in the prescription refill, then they wait a full week before even *processing* it, and then they farm it out to a foreign country to fill it: Singapore, Turkey, Australia. The last time this happened, quite recently, **I ended up having to go six days without taking a much-needed prescription** -- in spite of the fact that I had refilled it about four or five weeks in advance.Why have I stuck around? Fairly good prices, and INERTIA. They have inertia going for them. But this last problem is, I think, the deal breaker:I just received -- from Turkey! -- A refill of the one brand name drug I have to take. I am a big fan of generics, but with this drug I once became quite ill taking the generic -- and a doctor told me another patient had ended up in the hospital on the generic. (When I researched this, I found that some patients can take the generic. But many cannot.) I found out at that time this drug always has the same shape, same printing - and that has always been true in the past, no matter where this drug was shipped from by this company. But my refill from Turkey is the wrong shape, size, etc. in other words, I think it is not the brand name at all - though I certainly was charged for the brand-name. I will let you come up with the name for what that is called.I called CDP to question it this morning, and I was assured that it was the brand-name. Their proof? The manufacturer's name was printed on the box. I pointed out that anyone could print anything on a box, but this logic did not impress them. They will not take it back. After five years or more of me putting up with their goofiness! So I am stuck with the dilemma of taking this random shipment for a couple of months, possibly endangering my health in a significant way, or writing off the hundred dollars they charged me and tossing the drug. Oh, and having to buy it here, at full price, as I am about to run out.In my opinion, this is not a place you can rely on when your health is at stake.Bonus round, another problem: now, they won't take a credit card in payment. Instead, you write a check, photocopy the check, fax them the photocopy, then mail them the check. I am sure they will find a couple more hoops for us to jump through before long -- but I won't be around to jump.

Canada Pharmacy OnlineJust canceled the order and after several very flaky calls - one from Los Angeles continuing to request now forms of payment, I read the reviews here and can tell you that I had the same feeling that this was a scam.  I removed my on-line information. Really appreciate that others shared their experiences. I would be very careful.

My Canadian Pharmacy Reviews - Pissed Consumer

Sketchy.  Poor customer service.I was told about the timelines.  Then I find out that was was to be a three day process (I asked a number of times) was now two weeks.I cancelled my order.  There was just too much miscommunication.  I still have not received any communication that this was done.   I called in several times to try and resolve all these things.  Twice the phone was disconnected.  It requires more patience that I have...

I can't tell you how much I dislike this company.  They have been calling me for the past FIVE years.  Every time I ask them to take me off the call list.  It is to the point where I may have to change phone numbers!

Received pills in August 2014 with an expiration date of December 2014. I need these pills to be at their best into mid-2015. If Canada Drug Pharmacy can't ship fresh stock, they should not take and fill the order.I spoke with Randy in Customer Service. Best he could say is that this old stock must have been all that they had. Was not interested in sending me fresh stock. But would add a note in my customer file for the next shipment to be checked for expiration date. Can't see why I would want a next shipment from them.Also: at the time of the order they really wanted to be paid by check by all customers. They could not accept Visa and would rather not accept MasterCharge. Had to fax them a copy of the check along with the new Rx and then mail both to them. Perhaps all is ok with this company but such a situation sometimes indicates the other companies do not want to do busy with them. Just my guess and opinion.I do dislike giving them only one star. But you don't want to get stuck with old medication when there are so many sources.

I've only ordered generic statin and they have by far the cheapest price.  The service has been great.