Find your Talent today!


Today I’ll tell you how I became passionate about Art; mainly painting.
I never thought that I could paint or even would paint. It all started last summer when I went to Art school… or maybe it started even before, view in kindergarten, adiposity when the question was presented “Who do you want to be in the future?” I answered: “I want to be a doctor or an artist”. So I didn’t become a doctor…but now becoming an artist (supporting my childhood dream :-)). But even then I don’t know why I answered that way. I never could paint or draw, never in my life. I had a desire sometimes to paint something beautiful, but I never could. In my head everything was so easy, but on the paper I couldn’t draw what I saw. After those unsuccessful tries I decided to forget about art, I thought that one should have talent or a gift to create beautiful paintings and obviously I didn’t have it and I should just move on and do something different. Continue reading “Find your Talent today!”

E.L.F. Cosmetics Review


In this post I’m going to do a review for E.L.F. cosmetics .. I’ve heard a lot about ELF, but I was always hesitating to purchase any of their products, because the price is very low and I was assuming that the quality would be bad. But then I decided to find out myself how bad or maybe good ELF’s cosmetics are. I was surprised with the result, it’s really not that bad, I would even say that Elf cosmetics can compete with most of the drugstore makeup brands. So, let’s get started and review products that I purchased online at E.L.F. store. Я ни раз слышала об этом бренде, но никогда не решалась купить какую-либо продукцию, хоть и цены довольно-таки приемлемые, даже очень доступные, я бы сказала. Но это то меня и настораживало. Я сомневалась в качестве продукции за такие цены… И вот недавно я все-таки заказала несколько товаров онлайн (E.L.F. store) и, честно говоря, была удивлена результатом.

Сегодня я поделюсь с вами своим мнением о некоторых продуктах ELF.

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Happy Birthday, Tanya!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Tanyusha!! You are 18 !!! But you are still my little cousin.. I think even when you are 30, you will be my little little cousin 🙂
I don’t know when children are considered to be adults.. at 18 or 21?  earlier or later? when they are married or when they get their first job? I don’t know.. But let’s consider that you are on that stage… And so, I hope you will learn as quickly as possible how to make choices you can live with and do what you like to do.

That way you will be happy and love life!!

I’m glad that I have you in my life!!

I love you very much!! And I hope to see you soon!! Very very soon!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Сестреночка моя, Танюшка, я поздравляю тебя с 18-летием! Уже 18 лет… кажется, так много 🙂 , но на самом деле только начало взрослой жизни… Для меня, для всех твоих братьев и сестер, ты скорее всего всегда останешься младшей сестренкой!!

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To my Instagram Followers!!


I Looove my Instagram Followers!!!

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