I’m on a hunt for a good dry shampoo. I used Pssst, I used Batiste, and recently I tried Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

It claims:

  • Absorbs excess oils
  • Cleans without water
  • Light matte finish

How to use:

Spray generously on roots and throughout hair. Brush through to diffuse powder and watch it absorb any excess oils. Style as desired and enjoy your newly freshened hair.

Size: 7 oz.

Price: $4.74 – $6.29

My thoughts on this product:

It does a good job of absorbing any excess oil. And white powder doesn’t stay on your hair. But I prefer to use it only on my roots, because if to use it throughout hair, I’ve noticed that your hair starts to look “dusty” and it’s not so pretty…

The biggest downside is the smell… It’s so strong and not so good.. It doesn’t stay for a long time though (well, at least I don’t smell it), but when you spray it, you’re really just want to rush the process and be done with the spraying 🙂 It’s sooo strong that it’s kind of a big deal.. That’s why I don’t think I will repurchase it..even though it absorbs oil pretty good…

I haven’t found a dry shampoo that I love, so I’m still searching.. If you guys have any recommendations for a good dry shampoo, please let me know…

xo JANE xo

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