12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 6


Hi, guys!! I’m half way through with my body makeover… Weeks fly by so quickly, it’s probably because I enjoy this challenge, workouts and meal plans…I don’t enjoy my stress fracture that I have on my foot right now… They didn’t cast my foot, but I’m still wearing post op shoe..they said to wear it for 2 more weeks and then see how my foot feels… So I don’t do much workout these days, only abs workout, since it doesn’t require me being on my feet… Continue reading “12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 6”

12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 5


My left foot has been hurting since last week.. But I thought not a big a deal, it would get better… But it didn’t.. So on Saturday I went to a doctor… and she told me to do an x-ray, but at the mean time to wear this post op shoe…so that I don’t bend my foot, and if there is a crack in my bone it doesn’t get worse.. So as you can see I did that… Continue reading “12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 5”

12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 4


This week wasn’t perfect… I didn’t stick to my meal plan… and I ate 2 desserts for Valentine’s day… which I’m not sorry about because they were very yummy!!! 😀

I also ate it on Sunday, which I’m sorry about…

I was working out every day though..well, except for one day… and I think I hurt my left foot while working out..Usually I work out bare foot, and it’s too much trouble for me to wear shoes…well…and I suffer the consequences now… Continue reading “12 Weeks Body Makeover: Week 4”

12 weeks Body Makeover: Week 3


Week 3 was a liiiittle difficult for me… I craved sweets, doughnuts, chocolate so baaad… It’s good that we don’t keep much of this stuff at home.. We had ice cream, but Daniel finished it couple of weeks ago, and we haven’t bought it since then (well, I bought it yesterday, because I’m going to make some dessert for Valentine’s Day and it involves ice cream, but I’m going to eat only then..promise 🙂 ..  Continue reading “12 weeks Body Makeover: Week 3”

12 weeks Body Makeover…


Hey guys!! I know it’s January now, but spring is coming and then summer which means beach season…sooo we gotta look good, right? 🙂

I recently found Blogilates channel, Cassey has tons of workout videos, recipes and all that healthy stuff… Then I stumbled upon one of her videos where she started 12 weeks body makeover..it is basically healthy meals and workout for 12 weeks.. And decided why not to try?! So this Monday my 12 weeks started 🙂 Let me explain to you how it works: Continue reading “12 weeks Body Makeover…”