David Turned One

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I am 3 months late with this post, but it’s better late than never, right?! My life has been very hectic lately (but again, when is it not?), I got my real estate license, Christian turned 3, my parents are visiting and I’m trying to spend all my time with them and the kids. But even though David turned one 3 months ago I still wanted to upload this post along with the video that I edited for him. 


He’s grown so much and is already starting to talk. He knows what he wants, he is kinda stubborn, and he loves to eat! 


David started to walk independently at 14.5 weeks, he swims for 8 seconds, and he loves food!!


This little boy (well, maybe not so little) loves to pet and hug Bonnie Boo, he loves watching squirrels run in our backyard, and he will never refuse food (oh, I already mentioned it LOL).


We just absolutely love and adore him <3

xo JANE xo

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Family Photoshoot

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We wanted to do a family photoshoot for a while now…since Christian’s birth.. But we either didn’t have time or just didn’t want to spend so much money on this.. (Photo shoots are crazy expensive here in U.S. comparing to prices in my country and then they either give you like 30 photos or you can only choose this many yourself… And photographers in Tashkent give you all photos that they took..If it’s 200, you will get 200..) so it was difficult for me to overcome this difference in prices and etc. But we still needed quality family photos before Christian got too big.. And I definitely didn’t want to regret not having family photos when Christian was just a baby… So we did it.. I found the deal on Groupon, for the price that I was ok to pay… 🙂 And here is the final result 🙂

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Christian’s 10 months Update


T-E-N Months!!!!

  • says “mum-mum” when he is hungry and when he sees food
  • walking from side to side while holding onto something
  • walking forward with a walker or when we are holding his hands
  • clapping his hands
  • imitating different moves after us
  • baby talks A LOT and Loud 🙂
Watch our video update here:

Christian has 4 teeth that already came out and two teeth that are just coming out now.. His favorite food is baked apple.. he also likes sweet potato and grapes.. Continue reading “Christian’s 10 months Update”

Review: Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty

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Recently I started to potty train Christian (On July 16, to be precise..He was 9 months old). Before that I was looking for different potties, I didn’t want anything fancy.. I just needed a simple potty that won’t slide on the floor and and that will be comfortable for him to sit on. I found this Summer Infant Lil Loo Potty on Amazon, reviews were good and it’s not expensive, so I decided to buy this one.

Description: Lil Loo potty is perfect for your potty training toddler. The stylish, comfortable potty blends with your existing bathroom decor. An easy to remove pot and high splash guard for boys make clean up quick and simple. The high back seat provides additional comfort and support for your little one. Continue reading “Review: Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty”

Our Life in InstaPhotos: July 28 – August 3, 2014 + #InstaLife Linkup

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At the nursery at church playing with a cute girl Elli 🙂

Christian recently started to make his first steps.. If honest I thought that would happen later..maybe when he is 11 months or so.. But this guy is too impatient 🙂 You can watch the video of his first steps here..

Кристиан недавно начал делать первые шажочки.. Честно говоря, я думала это произойдет немного позже.. может в 11 месяцев..но видимо у него совсем нет терпения 🙂 Видео можно посмотреть здесь  Continue reading “Our Life in InstaPhotos: July 28 — August 3, 2014 + #InstaLife Linkup”

Christian’s 8-9 Months Update


On July 15 Christian turned 9 months.. So much happened in these couple of months, that I don’t know where to start… He is so mobile right now and does so many new things… He is growing so quickly, sometimes it makes me sad, because I know that very very soon he won’t be a little baby anymore…

So here’s what he learned in these 2 months since our last update in a chronological order:

  • army crawl (tummy on the floor) (7.5 months)
  • sitting (8 months)
  • turns on/off lights
  • feeding himself finger foods
  • kisses me when I ask him to…and when I don’t ask him to 🙂
  • throwing ball for Bonnie to fetch
  • pulls himself up and stands
  • crawling on his knees and hands
  • repeats some sounds after us

More details are in the video↓:

He also has two bottom teeth that already came out and 2 top teeth are just coming out.. I feel very blessed that his teething doesn’t bother him.. He is not in pain and he acts as usual and sleeps good. About sleeping: he transitioned himself from taking 3 naps a day to 2 naps a day. He sleeps every 3 hours now. Continue reading “Christian’s 8-9 Months Update”