29 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

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I haven’t done the post like this in a really long time, and since today is the beginning of my last year of being 20s I think it’s a good time to make the list again. This day next year I’m going to be 30 and I’m terrified of this number. I don’t even know why I’m freaking out like this.  I guess I always thought that once you turn 30, that’s it, you enter the #AdultLife, like you become a woman who can’t wear short shorts and bikini anymore, who might even cut her hair short, who must use face masks and eye cream all the time, who gets her first wrinkles, and who younger generation calls Mrs. ____ . And I don’t want this. Not because I want to be childish and don’t want to grow up, I just don’t want to get old I guess. People actually consider me mature for my age, but when I turn 30, maturity will be kind of expected. Let me know if you have similar feelings? At least then I won’t feel so lonely and silly.

Nevertheless, I want to spend this year purposefully so good that it won’t be so sad to turn 30. Here is my list of 29 things to do this year: Continue reading “29 Things To Do Before I Turn 30”

Gifts That He Will Actually Use

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gifts for him

I’m always looking for some unique and original gifts for my husband because I want to avoid cliche gifts like shaving creams, belts, ties, watches, and colognes etc. Nothing wrong with these kinds of gifts, but there is no surprise factor to them. I also know how stressful it can be to find a gift right before a Big Day, so I learned to listen to people and figure out way in advance what they like and what they get excited about, what their dreams are and etc. that way it becomes much easier to get a gift that they will actually like and use.

Here I just made a list of gifts that I think are just different and unique in a way, and I tried to keep in mind different age, different personalities and hobbies while creating it. I hope a man in your life whether it’s a husband, father, brother, boyfriend, uncle etc will appreciate a gift that you choose for them even if it’s just a handmade card (BTW, handmade gifts are the best.. I think so :-)) Also, let me know if you want to see handmade gift ideas!! 🙂

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3 days in San Antonio….


For those of you who don’t know, on my birthday our little family went to San Antonio for couple of days.. We spontaneously decided to go there, we’ve heard a lot of good things about San Antonio and how beautiful it is… Our plan at the beginning was to go to a Caribbean cruise for a week before baby comes and to enjoy the experience just two of us.. But that didn’t happen, because I was too far along (You can’t go on a cruise after week 24)…. We were pretty upset about it, and we didn’t want to fly as well, so we just decided to drive to San Antonio… It was amazing though, we had such a good experience there… Those three days we were getting up early and were going to bed late, because we just wanted to see everything and it seemed like we don’t have enough time… Anyways, here are some photos, even though no photos or videos can describe the whole experience we had 🙂 Continue reading “3 days in San Antonio….”

25 things to do before I turn 26

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I know that I didn’t post anything for a loooong time… I’m back in America and I’m soooo tired after 30 hours flight… So today I made myself finally open the computer and return to my readers. And I do it on my birthday… Yeah I’m getting older 🙂 Today I’m 25 and I made a list of 25 things to do before I turn 26. And as you all know my list I will have to work hard to do all of those things, so wish me good luck!!! 😉

Я знаю, что тааак давно ничего не писала. Мы вернулись в Штаты недавно, и я чувствую себя такой уставшей после 30-часового перелета, все никак не могу адаптироваться. Но сегодня я все же заставила себя сесть за компьютер и вернуться к моим читателям. И делаю я это в свой день рождения.. Сегодня мне 25.. Да, да я старею 🙂

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Happy Birthday, Katya!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Katya!! Let this year and all other years be very successful, blessed and joyful. Think only about happiness which is waiting for you and meditate only on good things, and this is how it will be. Even though we are far away, we are still very close to you 😉 Continue to be as strong and beautiful as you have always been and don’t lose that sweet spirit and heart that you have…

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Happy Birthday Jani Jumabaeva!!

Happy Birthday!!!

So, today my girlfriend has a birthday!!! We met in Beijing in 2009, we were studying at one university, living in one dorm. For those 1.5 years we became so close, like sisters. But now I’m in USA and she is in China. However, we are still keeping in touch. It’s nice to know that you can meet someone from a different country in a different country,become so close that even after you go back to your home town the friendship remains. This is a very good feeling, mmm a bit incomprehensible, but a very warming feeling … 🙂Jani

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