Me Before You | Movie Release

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COMING OUT ON JUNE 3, 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited! The movie “Me Before You” is based on the Jojo Moyes Novel that was written in 2012. I read the book last year and I talked a little about it in my “March Currently” post. I remember reading it at night while I was nursing my baby, I was tired of course but more than that I was so intrigued by what would happen next and I kept reading. I was reading the book in one breath and while I was reading I kept telling myself: “There’s gotta be a movie. Someone definitely thought about making the movie based on this book. I couldn’t be the only one to think that this book is just so great!”. And of course, I googled it and was so happy to find out that the movie was made and was coming out in summer!!

The story is about a young successful man William Traynor (actor: Sam Claflin) who enjoyed life to its fullest until one day a terrible accident happened to him and he got paralyzed. Being bound to a wheelchair is worse for him than death itself. 2 years later a young woman named Louisa Clark (actress: Emilia Clarke) is hired to be his caregiver and she is determined to prove to Will that life is worth living.  Continue reading “Me Before You | Movie Release”

DIY Book + 2 Years Anniversary

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2 years anniversary… Time really flies… 🙂 And here’s my gift for Daniel.. It was funny how I was doing it, trying to hide from him, and everytime when he was coming home, I was taking all my supplies and hiding them, so he couldn’t suspect or see anything 🙂

И вот сегодня 2 года со дня нашей свадьбы.. Время действительно летит… 🙂 Вот мой подарок, сделанный своими руками… Я делала его в течение месяца, когда Дэниела не было дома, и каждый раз, когда я слышала его шаги, я закрывала все и прятала, чтоб он не видел…

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How to draw anything

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I bought this book on sale at “Barnes & Nobles” for just $7. The name of the book: “How to draw anything” and I feel like after I finish this book I will be able to literally draw anything. The book is very descriptive, viagra easy to understand and easy to learn.

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