4 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make

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I’m always trying to find creative ideas on how to feed my kids healthy and incorporate foods that they don’t normally eat. So here are 4 healthy snacks ideas that kids can actually make themselves. Have you noticed that when you cook something it tastes better than if someone else cooked it (only if that someone else is not Gordon Ramsey)? The same with kids, when they help to make something they will mostly likely enjoy eating it more.

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Under The Sea Sensory Box

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We have recently discovered water beads and our life has changed forever :-). They are so much fun and there is an endless number of activities you can do with them. Today I decided to make an under the sea sensory box for my kids. My kids (almost 3 y.o. and 1 y.o) had a blast!!!

So what are the water beads? Water beads are tiny dehydrated crystal gels that are made from water-absorbing polymer. You put the beads in a bowl, add water, and once the beads start to absorb the water they begin to grow.

I got mine from Amazon, they came in a pack of 3: blue, transparent and blue, and green. I’m sure they will last a long time because you really don’t need a lot to create this sensory box.


As you can see from the photo, I used maybe a little more than a tablespoon, and it was enough to fill a small box.

It usually takes 8 hours for them to expand to a full size, but we were too impatient to wait. So in about 30 minutes or so we drained the water and started to play. Even though they weren’t big they were still fun to play with. At the beginning, Christian wanted to eat them and I don’t blame him, just look at these water beads, they look like candy, who wouldn’t want to eat them?! 🙂


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DIY Face Wash using Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is just a miracle in a bottle. Today we know that the oil extracted from the Melaleuca tree serves a multitude of purposes from healing to cleaning and cosmetic treatments to holistic healing. The substances found in tea tree oil are useful in the fight against bacteria, fungus and viruses, which is why it is helpful in fighting illness and cleaning germs around the home and office. There are tons and tons of different recipes for toners, scrubs, cleanser etc. Today I’m gonna show you how to make a very easy cleansing wash for your skin. I’m using 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree oil by Apothecary Extracts. Continue reading “DIY Face Wash using Tea Tree Oil”

DIY Gift Idea You and Your Baby Can Do

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We made this gift for Christian’s Grammy for Mother’s Day. But it’s very customizable, you can make it for dad, friend, basically for anyone and for any occasion. I think it’s a great keepsake. It’s very inexpensive to make it..

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DIY Book + 2 Years Anniversary

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2 years anniversary… Time really flies… 🙂 And here’s my gift for Daniel.. It was funny how I was doing it, trying to hide from him, and everytime when he was coming home, I was taking all my supplies and hiding them, so he couldn’t suspect or see anything 🙂

И вот сегодня 2 года со дня нашей свадьбы.. Время действительно летит… 🙂 Вот мой подарок, сделанный своими руками… Я делала его в течение месяца, когда Дэниела не было дома, и каждый раз, когда я слышала его шаги, я закрывала все и прятала, чтоб он не видел…

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Fun Storage

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This idea came to me when I bought the bag of powdered sugar and I realized that when I open it I don’t know where to put and how to store the rest.. So I decided to take the cans from nuts and make a storage can 🙂

Эта идея пришла мне в голову, когда я купила пакет сахарной пудры и поняла, что когда я ее открою, мне некуда будет ее пересыпать.. Вот я и решила взять баночку из под орешков и пересыпать ее туда 🙂 А чтоб не перепутать ее с другими баночками, я обернула ее красивым скотчем 🙂

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