How To Make The Most Of Your Garden This Fall

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Yes, it’s getting colder out; no, this doesn’t mean sit inside and avoid going outside. When it comes to your garden and outdoor space you can enjoy it year round. These are ways to make the most out of the space, even with a cold weather.

Switch over to winter/autumn plants. Even if it is not too cool yet, get rid of the summer pots, pans, and plants. Instead, purchase those which are meant for colder temperatures, are designed for winter gardening, and can withstand the weather changes. You can find color and variety, and you can enjoy planting, even if the weather seems to be colder than usual.

You can also enjoy the outdoor space with family and friends. Fire pits are a nice addition. They are warm, inviting, and can help maintain the warmth if you want to sit outside around with a few chairs and talk for a while. Roast marshmallows, sit with family, enjoy the company of a good book, all while keeping warm. If you are interested in purchasing a fire pit then it is a good place to look to find the best ones. Along the same lines, there are heaters/warmers you can use outside. You simply plug them in and they help radiate heat (like an indoor heater, only for outdoor use). Not only will they help keep you warm on cooler nights, but they can also help your garden and plants which can’t withstand the sub-zero temperatures as well. So they are going to serve a dual purpose for your outdoor enjoyment, even though the weather is changing and it is starting to get a bit chilly outdoors.


Sure, the weather is cooler, leaves are changing, and many people will call it quits for their garden, but this year you do not have to. There are many ways to beat the cold, enjoy the outdoors, and make the most out of the outdoor space.

Casual Outfit Ideas For Nursing Moms

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I remember when I got pregnant with Christian, I felt so limited in clothes option, and I couldn’t wait to give birth and wear non-maternity clothes and heels again!! But then I started to nurse and that brought its own challenges. While still nursing I got pregnant with baby David, but decided that neither pregnancy nor breastfeeding are going to stop me from wearing cute clothes, from looking and feeling good (it’s like “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?), so I decided to embrace being pregnant, nursing, and instead of waiting until I can wear regular clothes I decided to enjoy the process and started to shop for clothes that are versatile and can be worn even after I stop nursing 🙂

These past 3 years I was either pregnant or nursing and I learned what clothes to wear what not to wear, and today I’m going to share some tips on what to wear while nursing and still look beautiful every day. I put together several outfits, just to give you an idea and inspiration. I’m sure most of these items you already have in your wardrobe.

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Fall Inspired Makeup Tutorial


I like fall, I like neutral shades, I like vampy lips, I like sweaters…(the only thing that I don’t like about fall is weather :-(), and so I decided to incorporate all things that I like in this video. This look is wearable for both daytime and nighttime..

Products used:

1. Clarity Vitamin C Serum:
2. Softlips lip balm (Pomegranate Blueberry):
3. Lulu blossom eye cream:
4. Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation:
5. Beauty Blender:
6. Maybelline Fit me concealer:
7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow potion:
8. Billion Dollar Brow Universal Pencil:
9. Rimmel Eye liner (Nude):
10. Milani Liquid Eye Liner:
11. Pacifica Eye pencil (Gun metal):
12. Urban Decay Velvet eye pencil:
13. L’oreal Telescopic Mascara:
14. Kiss Falsies in shy:
15. NYC bronzer:
16. Wet n wild Blush (Mellow wine):
17. Maybelline Lip Liner in Plum:
18. Maybelline lipstick (Blissful Berry):
19. Jordana Twist and Shine Crayon in Cranberry Crush:

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First Time at Pumpkin Patch

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It’s october, which is pumpkins month: pumpkin lattes, carved pumpkins, pumpkin spice candles and of course…pumpkin patches… This year is my first year when I got to visit a pumpkin patch. This year is my first year to do a lot of things actually…thanks to Christian… 🙂 Remember, I was saying that because of him I’m discovering the world again?! So this is true in this case too… A lot of times I think he is too small for stuff and he won’t be interested in like maybe going to the zoo or children’s parks…and I thought that pumpkin patch won’t be interesting for him too.. But we decided to go anyways, just because pumpkin patch is not all year around thing, plus it’s free if he doesn’t like, it’s not a big deal.. Surprisingly, he liked it, he was touching all the pumpkins, he wanted to eat hay (he is putting everything in his mouth)…  Continue reading “First Time at Pumpkin Patch”

Current Obsession. Knitted Sweater

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Already October??? I can’t believe… Time flies… It’s getting colder and colder..more rains..I’m having nostalgie more often.. Right now I just want to cuddle on the sofa with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate wrapping myself in the blanket or just wearing long knitted sweater (my current obsession)… and read a book or just watch a movie…

Уже Октябрь??? Не могу поверить как быстро летит время… Становится все холоднее..больше дождей..чаще посещает ностальгия… Сейчас мне просто хочется забраться на диван с чашкой кофе или горячего шоколада, обернуться в одеяло или просто надеть длинный вязаный свитер (в данный момент я одержима всем теплым и вязаным :-)) и читать книгу или смотреть фильм… Continue reading “Current Obsession. Knitted Sweater”