12 Weeks Body Makeover: Final (Thoughts, Results etc)


A week ago I finished my 12 weeks body makeover challenge. I don’t think I need to say anything about results..it’s pretty obvious… Again, as I mentioned before, my goal was not losing weight, but just to tone up my muscles (I still lost a little weight though..I’ll talk about numbers later in this blog). My overall thoughts on this challenge: I LOVED IT!! I’m not a fan of diets…but that’s the first thing we do when we want to lose weight. We starve ourselves or eating only fruits and salads, but by doing this we are setting ourselves for failure, because diets never last, eventually we go back to our lifestyle, eventually we start to eat what we ate and drink what we drank… And we have results for short period of time.. And it takes a lot of self-discipline to really stick to a strict diet. Or some people take pills and different powders, and maybe that’s fine when those pills are all natural and stuff, but I’m bad with pills, I don’t like to take something that I don’t 100% know what it is, even if it will bring the results. On the other hand this challenge doesn’t require you to starve yourself or take any pills, but you just need to have a desire to change your body and take some actions. I know a lot of people who want to lose weight but they don’t want to take actions. Losing weight or toning up muscles is a hard work, and nothing happens overnight, this is the reality. People have to understand. If you think that you will see results the next day, or that you can eat healthy for a month, get results, go back to old habits and still have a beautiful body, you will be disappointed. I did this challenge for 3 months, and I’m not perfect and I’m not a robot.. I ate ice creams here and there and I drank coke sometimes, I allowed myself eating sandwiches and burgers, pizzas, but it wasn’t every day, and I always got back on track and ate healthy. Continue reading “12 Weeks Body Makeover: Final (Thoughts, Results etc)”

Joseph Prince


Hi guys! I wanted to write this post several days ago, but everyday I was putting it off, but today I decided to finally do it 🙂 I just wanted to share with you guys what we were up to these days… We’ve been through some difficulties last year and this year…and only this last week I started to feel myself a little bit better, less stressed, having less negative thoughts. I was studying bible a lot, was trying to be more disciplined in this area and meditate on the Word of God every day, at least for 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t that easy, because my thoughts were always trying to take me somewhere else:

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Today’s thoughts


Today I understood how important it is to be happy and thankful for everything you have. I know that it can sound like a cliché, but I really think that this is how each of us should live. What happened today reminded me about this. Why do I say “reminded”?! Because I knew this, I always knew that you should be thankful, joyful and appreciative, but often times I forgot about it… when days don’t differ from each other, when every day is just another routine, with all these grey boring days, almost depressing thoughts about something wrong, or something not the way I want it to be are coming in to my head. Not everything in life happens the way we want it, but I believe that everything that’s happening is for the best (another true cliché), and maybe that’s not always understandable for us, but this is how it is. So, what happened today?

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