Christian (2 years and 8 months old) likes to help a lot, and I know his willingness to help won’t be there forever (but inside of me I still hope that it will be LOL), so I take advantage of it, and you should too. Here’s the list of what he does regularly to help around the house (and you can watch the video too, it’s cute :-)):

  1. Feeds our puppy every morning
  2. Unloads dishwasher. I take the basket with utensils out of the dishwasher (I make sure to take all the knives out first) and he sorts everything out. Sometimes we do the whole unloading process together, he hands me the plates and everything else out of the dishwasher and I put them away since he can’t reach that high yet.
  3. Helps to cook: puts seasoning on the salad (you should control the process though so that he doesn’t put too much of it LOL), makes easy snacks, cooks oatmeal.
  4. Puts his toys away. That’s a must. We have a rule: if he’s done playing with one toy (or with one box of small toys), he puts it away before taking another toy or another box (the same with books). Sometimes things can get crazy, chaotic and messy like in the video below ↓ (usually when he’s playing with his dad LOL ), but no matter what he cleans his own room.
  5. Puts all his dirty clothes in the hamper. It’s like a basketball game for him, he likes to throw them in the basket, and if he doesn’t make it, he picks it up and tries again until he succeeds LOL. So my point is he loves this whole process.
  6. Does small trash. He just basically takes the trash out of small trash cans that are in the bedrooms and puts them either in the big trash can or by the door, and then Daniel does the rest.
  7. Feeds his little brother. He doesn’t always do that (he would be glad though), because even when I feed David it gets pretty messy, just imagine a 2-year-old feeding a 10 months old baby…yeah, it’s hard to call it help LOL.. I usually allow him to that when I absolutely need it or when it’s not too messy and I know they both are having fun.

Please, share the things that your kids do to help you?

xo JANE xo

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  • Mine picks up her toys, picks up her dirty clothes and puts them in her dirty clothes basket, feeds the animals. She has helped with baking and unloading the dishwasher. She’s usually right behind anyone doing a chore! 🙂

  • Oh, wow. This is inspiring to me, not to just do it all myself. I think sometimes I just don’t have the patience it takes to have them help me. This is good. Thanks for this list–I will try it more now!


    • Jane Sohn Bearden

      I feel you, sometimes it’s painful to watch how slowly they’re doing something. Now I just give him a task and while he is doing it I do something else… LOL =)

    • Jane Sohn Bearden

      Oh laundry is a good one.. I think Christian would love doing that, but our washer and dryer have lids on top vs on the side, he can’t reach. When it’s time to buy new ones I will make sure not to do that mistake again LOOOL 🙂

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