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Privacy and discretion are very important any time you purchase prescription medications online.

Most people are rightly concerned about maintaining confidentiality when they make online purchases, and that is particularly true when it comes to buying prescription medications online. Men who purchase drugs like Viagra online generally do so because it is more private than taking a prescription to their local pharmacy to have it filled. Some online sellers of Viagra accept PayPal as a payment method, but this may not be the best option for people who want to maintain their confidentiality about their purchase.

After eBay became the online juggernaut that it is today, many online merchants started accepting PayPal as a payment method, and millions of ordinary people set up PayPal accounts for sending and receiving money. People who purchase items on eBay generally like PayPal because of the perception that they tend to take the purchaser’s side when a transaction is disputed. But many individuals and merchants who accept PayPal have had problems with having accounts frozen. Some merchants have stopped accepting PayPal as a payment method.

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While buyers can feel fairly confident using PayPal as a payment method when shopping online, they may want to avoid it for certain transactions due to potential exposure of private information. For example, your PayPal account is accessed with your email address and a password. Anyone (including a spouse or significant other) with a good idea of what your password is could log into your PayPal account and see exactly where you’re making online purchases.

Another problem with using PayPal to purchase prescription drugs online is that there are not that many legitimate online pharmacies that accept PayPal. Coupled with the lack of anonymity of a PayPal account, it would not be that hard for someone with access to your PayPal account to determine exactly where you shopped and what you bought.

Most men don’t like the idea of someone getting into their account and discovering that they have purchased drugs for erectile dysfunction. Better options exist that protect your privacy more.

Paying with an ordinary credit card may or may not be more private and discreet than paying with PayPal. If you share a credit card with your spouse and get statements by mail, it wouldn’t be that hard for them to find out that you used the credit card to purchase prescription drugs. If you get online statements, anyone with your user ID and password could log into your account and access online statements (as well as your other identity information). However, credit cards do offer purchase protection against fraud that makes them a top choice for online shopping for millions of people.