Our Life in InstaPhotos: July 21 – 27, 2014 + #Instalife Link-up

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Highlight of last week – Beyonce and Jay Z concert!!! OMG it was sooo amazing… I kind of knew it would be awesome, but I didn’t know that it would be that awesome!!! We had a really great time on the concert! I will definitely post a vlog with the footage from the concert, but for now you can watch short 15 seconds videos of Jay and Bey singing either on my Instagram or FB page

Самым запоминающимся моментом прошлой недели стал концерт Бейонсе и Джейзи… Такое потрясающее шоу.. Моим эмоциям нет предела.. Я как бы вроде и знала, что концерт мне понравится, но я и не предполагала, что их выступление будет такой БОМБОЙ!!! Я обязательно загружу видео с их концерта на мой канал на Ютубе, а пока посмотрите коротенкие видео в моем Инстаграме или на Фейсбуке..

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The Ark, Coppell Texas

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It’s so hot here in Dallas, that it became impossible to take your kiddo to the park or outside playground. Thank God for indoor playgrounds. Last week me and my girlfriend took our babies and went to the Ark (in Copell). The playground itself is at the Grace Point Church and is opened all year around (time and other details see here).

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They have 2 playgrounds: 1 for older kids and 1 for babies (up to 3-4 years old). Babies playground is baby proof, there are 2 small slides, a lot of big (yoga like) balls, soft blocks to sit, lean or play with.. It’s not allowed to be there with your shoes on, because there a lot of babies who are just crawling and touching everything. Also, the best time to come is probably 12 pm or so.. We were there in the morning, and there were a lot of kids, and everyone was running around, playing and were just being kids basically, so we had to really watch our babies.. Especially me, because Christian is only 9 months and crawling, but he can’t walk just yet or run, so kids could easily step on him or something But by 12 pm most of people were gone and it was much nicer then. Continue reading »

My Life in InstaPhotos: July 14 – 20, 2014 + #InstaLife Linkup

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It was a very fun week and we have lots of photos to show you guys!!

Очень интересная и занимательная была неделя.. И у нас для вас есть много фотографий..  Continue reading »

Christian’s 8-9 Months Update

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On July 15 Christian turned 9 months.. So much happened in these couple of months, that I don’t know where to start… He is so mobile right now and does so many new things… He is growing so quickly, sometimes it makes me sad, because I know that very very soon he won’t be a little baby anymore…

So here’s what he learned in these 2 months since our last update in a chronological order:

  • army crawl (tummy on the floor) (7.5 months)
  • sitting (8 months)
  • turns on/off lights
  • feeding himself finger foods
  • kisses me when I ask him to…and when I don’t ask him to icon smile Christians 8 9 Months Update
  • throwing ball for Bonnie to fetch
  • pulls himself up and stands
  • crawling on his knees and hands
  • repeats some sounds after us

More details are in the video↓:

He also has two bottom teeth that already came out and 2 top teeth are just coming out.. I feel very blessed that his teething doesn’t bother him.. He is not in pain and he acts as usual and sleeps good. About sleeping: he transitioned himself from taking 3 naps a day to 2 naps a day. He sleeps every 3 hours now. Continue reading »

Get Ready With Me: Turquoise Summer

I was recently getting ready to my friend’s baby’s first birthday celebration. And I decided to film my makeup.. I was really in a hurry, and if  Daniel wasn’t home to be with Christian while I was getting ready there would definitely not be a video icon smile Get Ready With Me: Turquoise Summer

Products mentioned:

1. Chap Block SPF 15
2. Urban Decay Primer
3. ELF eye pencil
4. Pro 88 Color Makeup Eye Shadow Palette
5. DD cream
6. Revlon Age Defying Foundation
7. Maybelline Dreamlumi Highlighting Concealer
8. Beauty Blender
9. Urban Decay Brow Box
10. Anastasia Brow Wiz
11. Maybelline Gel Liner
12. Loreal Shoxking Extensions Mascara
13. Rimmel Eyeliner (Nude)
14. NYC Bronzer (Sunny)
15. Tarte Blush (Memorable)
16. NYX Butter Gloss

xo JANE xo

My Life in InstaPhotos + #InstaLife LinkUp: July 7 – 13, 2014

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Make sure to check out Christian’s Instagram Page: @ChristianSBearden

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So, that’s what happening in our house right now: Christian is taking out everything from the cabinets and fridge.. Why do we even buy him toys?

Вот, что происходит в нашем доме в эти дни: Кристиан вытаскивает все со шкафов и холодильника.. И зачем мы только покупаем ему игрушки? Continue reading »

My Life in InstaPhotos: June 30 – July 6, 2014

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I’m still a little behind with my Instalife posts… That’s why I’m posting 2 InstaLife posts this week… EXCITING NEWS: Christian has an Instagram Page now!!! Make sure to follow him there: @ChristianSBearden .. I’m posting most of his photos and videos there, and also writing mini reviews on everything baby related…  Continue reading »