Christian’s 15 Months Update

I’m a little late with this post, but I still wanted to put it up.

This kid is sooo much fun… I seriously can’t get enough of him… He is really happy baby, and he is very very sweet. He gives a lot of random kisses (that’s my favorite part). He can be busy playing, and then he just comes and starts kissing you: cheeks, mouth, hand, arm, leg..doesn’t matter :-) He is very sweet. And he loves Bonnie Boo. Every morning after he wakes up, Bonnie is coming to his room, and he goes to her, trying to hug and kiss her, but sometimes it seems like he is just grabbing her (he can’t do it sensitive just yet), so she runs away…

Christian loves loves books. He can sit still and “read” his book for a long time, making his own funny sounds :-) And then he brings his favorite books to us, sits on our laps and expect us to read to him. His favorite books are: Bubbles bubbles, good night moon, God Cares for me, God made friends, Brown bear…and couple of russian books. A lot of favorites…

Since January he goes to swim lessons. First 2 lessons he was crying the whole time, and last 2 lessons (we only had 4 so far) he is doing so good, not crying at all, and is having so much fun. He can already swim under the water for 2 full seconds :-) And it’s truly amazing what they taught him in just 4 short sessions. Continue reading »

My Go-to Every Day Makeup

Just a quick go-to every day makeup, when you don’t want to spend too much time to get ready, but still want to look cute and put together. I feel like when your skin looks flawless everything else looks better as well. My skin naturally isn’t perfect, and I have a lot of imperfections, so I do couple of steps to make it appear better and healthier :-)

xo JANE xo

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Second Pregnancy: TTC to 13 week

Week 7

Week 9

And here is my first pregnancy post of my second pregnancy! Let’s start from the very beginning: from TTC to 13th week. I planned to write every week, but I didn’t feel good during my first trimester, so I couldn’t. That’s why I decided to just describe my first 13 weeks in one post. This post will be long, so if you decide to read it to the end, just get comfortable, make yourself a cup of good tea and let’s begin :-) (I hope I won’t miss any details). (Or you can watch my pregnancy vlogs week by week ↑, I uploaded two of them, and I’m working on editing the others) The reasons why we wanted a second baby so close in age with Christian I described few posts back. But now I’ll tell you everything from the very beginning.

We were trying to conceive since July 2014, have a baby in April 2015, and go back to my country in June 2015 for my dad’s birthday. Our plan failed. As it turned out, it was difficult to get pregnant, when you’re still nursing. We kind of knew that, but we were still hoping that we would get pregnant. But I didn’t want to stop nursing, just because I wanted to get pregnant. My plan from the very beginning was to nurse at least till Christian was 1 year old. In October, when Christian turned 1, I realized that it’s difficult to wean him…emotionally difficult..and then he got sick and of course I continue to breastfeed. When he got better I dropped daytime feeding, and instead of nursing him 4 times a day, I started to nurse him 3 times a day. In one week after that I dropped one more feeding. (I will write about how I completely weaned him soon! Look out for that post). Continue reading »

January Family Vlog

I finally edited our January vlog: first OBGYN appointment with our second baby, a lot of Christian of course, and just every day life I guess! :-) February Vlog is coming soon, I finally feel good to start working again :-)

xo JANE xo

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Pregnancy Announcement to Our Parents

So here’s how I announced that I was expecting to Daniel. Of course, he kind of knew that I could be pregnant, because we were trying to conceive, so he wasn’t so so surprised, but my parent on the other hand were shocked :-) My dad will turn 60 years old in June 17th, and it’s a big celebration in our culture, so we were planning to go to Tashkent in summer, but since I’m pregnant and due in August, we had to cancel. And they were sad about it, but still happy for us :-) My mother-in-law was excited, but it took her a while to understand that I was pregnant, I guess she didn’t expect us to get pregnant so quickly. :-)

xo JANE xo

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Aaaaand yes, we’re expecting a second baby! It’s really surreal to me, that this is happening even though we really wanted it. We wanted our kids to be close at age, so that they could grow and play together. And another reason is: since we can’t do much with 1 year old right now anyways, meaning we can’t really travel for him to enjoy it, can’t just leave him for couple of days and just have a getaway etc., so while we’re at this phase with the little one, we decided to add one more baby, and then in couple of years when they grow up, we can enjoy all the adventures together as a family vs if we waited couple of more years, and then decided to have a second one, by that time Christian would be like 3 or 4 years old, and he would really want to go places and go out, and we won’t be able to do it as much, because of a newborn. I don’t know if it makes sense for you guys, but it does for us.

Our baby is due on August 17, 2015, Christian will be 22 months old, almost two years. And it’s so perfect.  Continue reading »

Интернет-магазин Girlfriends_Cosmetics

Вот и одна из причин моего долгого отсутствия, отсутствия новых постов в блоге, новых фотографий в Инстаграме. Хочу представить Вашему Вниманию наш интернет-магазин Girlfriends_cosmetics, который мы открыли вместе с моей подругой Алесей, в честь десятилетия нашей дружбы. Как вы уже могли догадаться из названия, мы специализируемся на продаже косметики из США. Но мы не ограничиваемся только косметикой, мы, также, доставляем сумки, аксессуары, детские товары и многие другие, разрешенные для перевоза в Казахстан и Узбекистан продукты :-)

Нам немного больше месяца, но мы уже обработали достаточно заказов, и успели познакомиться с многими из вас, чему мы очень рады!!!

Начиная с сегодняшнего дня и до 12 января мы снова принимаем заказы. Вся информация по заказам, продукты и цены на нашей Инстаграм страничке.

В дальнейшем мы планируем разработать веб-сайт, и тогда размещать и принимать заказы будет намного проще, а пока спасибо вам всем за терпение и за доверие. Мы благодарны за каждую из вас, и мы усердно трудимся, чтобы радовать вас доставкой качественных товаров по разумным ценам!

Надеюсь, что скоро смогу сбалансировать работу над магазином и блогом, и опять буду писать регулярно. Но, так как мы только открылись, работы очень и очень много. Много деталей и нюансов, которые нужно проработать, и о которых лично я узнала только столкнувшись с ними. Но ничего, все разработаем, проработаем, все встанет на свои места, и все непременно будет хорошо!

xo JANE xo

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