Christian (2 years and 9 months old) absolutely loves reading books. In fact, it’s probably his favorite thing to do in the entire world: he reads (looking at the pictures and baby talking 🙂 books when he wakes up (while we are still sleeping), and then he asks us to read him a book before his nap, before his bedtime and all the time in between 🙂

And today I want to share his Top 5 board books that he never gets tired of:

  1. Bubbles Bubbles


It’s his first favorite book since he was 6 months old (and now it’s David’s favorite). And it doesn’t seem like there is something special about this book, but kids absolutely love it. One of Christian’s first words was “Bubba bubba”, he was always saying it when he wanted me to read him this book (which was every evening). I even tried to read him more interesting books (that I thought would be more interesting for him), but he paid zero attention and just wanted his “Bubba bubba”.

Now, he is more into other books, but if I read it to David he still enjoys it.

2. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?


Another favorite of his since very young age, and he still likes it a lot… Great book to teach kids different (or how the book says “wonderful”) noises!

3. Who am I? Baby Animals


Great book for very both small kids and for older kids. When Christian was around 1 year old, I just showed him pictures of baby animals in the book and talked about them, right now I follow the book directions and it’s very entertaining to see how Christian imitates the animals, like when he tries to walk like a bear or catch a fly with his tongue like a chameleon. Also, we discuss colors of the animals, and we count them. This book seems very simple but it can be very entertaining and useful at the same time.

4. First Animal Facts. Safari.


This book teaches simple facts about the animals: what they like to do, what they eat, where they live. It’s very colorful and has great illustrations which attract Christian’s eyes. He always reaches for this book.

5. Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see



This book doesn’t have much story line to it, but I think Christian likes it because it’s really easy to understand and memorize, plus he likes the illustrations. The book is simple, clean and catches kids attention very fast. While reading you can also ask: “What does brown bear see? And what does red bird see?” etc. That way they’re gonna use their memory…

There so many board books that Christian likes, it was hard to choose just 5, but I didn’t want to make this post extra long. Some of his other favorite books are: Good night moon, Dear Zoo, Green eggs & ham (this one he started to enjoy only recently), and series of books from Leap Frog Collection, he loves to play with Scout (Book Pal)

Which board books are your kids favorite?

xo JANE xo

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  • Brown Bear is such a classic! Have you read Goodnight Gorilla? That’s a fun one! As well as any book by Sandra Boynton. The Going To Bed Book and Barnyard Dance are my two favorite board books of hers

    • Jane Sohn Bearden

      Thank you for the recommendations!! We haven’t read them , but we’ll definitely check them out!!! <3

  • We love these too! Especially Mr. Brown Can Moo and Brown Bear. You should check out Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton. It’s another fave of ours! I’m sharing this on social media and featuring it on Tuesday Talk this week! Thank you for sharing it!!! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

    • Jane Sohn Bearden

      Oh I need to check it out.. My boys love reading books, so I’m sure they’re gonna love it <3 Thanks for featuring this post!! <3

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