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The deep socio-economic changes, taking place in different countries, lead not only to changes in the quality of life, but also cause adverse trends in the growing number of diseases. This makes the assessment of the viral infections incidence particularly important.

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Despite the undoubted achievements in the fight against infectious diseases, their importance in the overall incidence structure does not only decrease, but also shows an increasing trend, according to various estimates. Due to this, the timely diagnosis and detection of viral infection symptoms play a special role.

Microscopic organisms evolve with the development of humanity and expand the number of diseases. New methods for the treatment and prevention of diseases do not reduce the number of affected persons in developed and developing countries (such as USA, India, Australia, Canada and the UK).

The viral infection symptoms can vary depending on the type of infection, duration of infection, age of people, and many other factors. This review will address some of the most common viral infections symptoms.

This disease is characterized by hepatic inflammation and can have acute or chronic forms. Viral hepatitis is a common intestinal infection with fecal-oral mechanism of transmission. The causes of infection are eating a variety of foods, not exposed to heat treatment, drinking raw water, and dirty hands.